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November 11, 2017 | Press Release

Ahead Of The International Students Day 17 November, 2017


All-Africa Students Union (AASU)

In exactly 7 Days all students across the world will be observing the International Students Day.

Since the declaration of November 17 as International Students Day by the International Student Council in 1941, students around the world have been commemorating November 17 in diverse forms to promote human rights, quality education for all and good governance. The All-Africa Students Union since its formation in 1972 has championed these values based on which the International Students Day is marked. Last year, together with the European Students Union, we marked the day with a joint statement in Accra – Ghana.

This year, the All-Africa Students Union (AASU) will be collating the voices of students in the implementation of the SDG #4. We call on students across Africa to voice their opinion on how we can clear the deficit between target and reality in the achievement of SDG 4.

It has been recognized that the SDGs cannot attained in record time without the inclusive support of Higher Education Institutions. Across the Continent, students are united in calling for education that is accessible, of the relevant quality and affordable. The rising costs of education have been met with stiff opposition from student groups across the continent – we recall with nostalgia the “FeesMustFall” rendezvous which led to the closure of some universities in South Africa and similar uprisings across the continent. The democratization of education remains the key pillar on which AASU was founded and we continue to advance that position unequivocally. We recognize that only through proper funding of higher education will education be made accessible, equitable and of the relevant quality.

Send us a voice note (2mins max), a video (1min max), and/or a typed message (60words maximum) by mid-night of November 16, 2017. We will compile it and send to all governments in Africa, as well as Non-Governmental Organisations and Inter Governmental Organisations responsible for education.

This year, our united voices must be heard. Start speaking.

Long live International Students Day!
Secretary General
All-Africa Students Union (AASU)
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