Those 10 Regional Chairmen Must Behave 

By Kumah Alfred Brown
Opinion Those 10 Regional Chairmen Must Behave 
NOV 10, 2017 LISTEN

Barely a year after the NDC lose abysmally in the 2016 general election, the political temperature within the party has been on the increase as to who caused it and how do we bounce back in 2020?

The party considered to embark on a thorough investigation to ascertain the cause of our electoral misfortunes for remedies which the committee responsible for the investigation came out with the causes of our electoral defeat and remedies to reorganize the party for power 2020.

The party is currently on a reorganization agenda to win back the trust of the grass root and the Ghanaian people but it seems few greedy ones won’t allow the systems to work.

It has come to our notice that the 10 regional chairmen of the party called on the former President, John Mahama to embark on a thank you tour and also asked him to consider contesting the flagbearer position of the party. It sad to see our chairmen think with their stomach. At this time when the party is yet to recover from the historical defeat and reorganize the grass root for 2020, they are disgracefully lobbying for only God knows their intentions. This is gross indiscipline and greediness.

They don’t have the party at heart. It is during their tenure as party regional chairmen upon all the infrastructure yet the party was rewarded with 44.4% and still they want to further destroy the party with their selfish agenda. Calling upon the former president to consider contesting the flagbearer position of the party is wrong especially at the time that we need everyone on board. Whether the former president John Mahama stands tall or short out of the other candidates making an intention, we least expect our Regional chairmen to act in such a childish manner. They should be warned because we the youth won’t sit and watch them make any bogus haste decision for us, never again.

They should allow the systems to work for good. It came as surprise when these party chairmen can’t even sponsor TEIN activities yet are in a haste to call on someone to consider contesting. They should direct their energies to reorganizing the party rather than their selfish interest. Most of you won’t ever become chairmen of this party so you can ahead with your fake endorsement.

The former president John mahama should be advised to stop entertaining those divisive Aries. Where were those chairmen when Ghanaians rewarded him President Mahama with 44.4% of the total valid vote cast upon all his hardwork.

President Mahama remains our affable, humble, gentle, fresh sweet president and we love him but our chairmen must not make a move ahead of the party and the delegates.

Finally our MPs, individuals and group of people going about openly declaring their support for those alleged candidates should put a stop to it. Lets work as a party by putting the masses first.

Long Live NDC.
Long Live Ghana
Kumah Alfred Brown.
Former TEIN PRO.

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