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07.07.2005 Diaspora News

Message From Lesotho

Benjamin Boateng.

I am a Ghanaian in Lesotho in South Africa but a separate country. The booming economy of South Africa is directly linked to theier highly developed agric sector.

In fact i become sad when i hear that the cost of chicken is over 20,000.00 cedis which can buy five chickens in South Africa.

We are behind, Ghana. It is time we put in every effort to have a concrete and practicable plan on agriculture else we are doomed.

I am sad i wish there is a forum to talk directly with the President.

We are not Ok staying in a foreign land but we don't have any option. Some have decided to die here. Why Ghana, my motherland?

Regards, Benjamin Boateng. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.