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07.07.2005 General News

Minority describes London blasts as inhuman, bestial

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Accra, July 7, GNA - The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Minority in Parliament on Thursday described as "inhuman and bestial" the terror attack on London earlier in the day when four explosions went off in the city and called for a broader coalition in the fight against terror.

In a quick response to the blasts, the Minority Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Mr John Mahama said one could not fail to note the uncanny timing between the bombings and the start of the G-8 Summit in Gleneagles, the United Kingdom (UK).

"It is clear that whoever was behind this act of infamy must have planned them to achieve maximum effect and attention.

"The timing of the blasts to coincide with the morning rush hour must also have been carefully intended to achieve maximum casualties."

Mr Mahama said there could be no justification for these kinds of attacks on innocent civilians going about their peaceful daily pursuits.

"This kind of terror that kills/maims Muslims, Christians, blacks, whites, men, women, children and adults indiscriminately can never be said to be in support of any divine cause."

Mr Mahama expressed the solidarity of the Minority and, indeed, the whole of the Ghanaian people with the citizens of the UK in this moment of adversity.

He said while the true extent of casualties was not yet known, considering the location of these blasts and the cosmopolitan nature of London, it was possible that the citizens of many countries including Ghana, might be affected by these acts of terror.

Mr Mahama also called for greater international co-operation to solve the Palestinian, Afghan and Iraqi questions to ensure a stable and lasting peace in the world.

He expressed regret that a natural spin off of such terrorist actions had been for the erection of higher barricades against entry into the countries of the developed world, thus hampering easy movement of people and goods between the developing and the developed worlds.