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06.07.2005 Business & Finance

Great Moment For Ghanaian Travellers


My previous article enlightened how Ghana Airways' demise became the advantage of the major airlines. High airfares became the order of the day and a take it or leave it choice to the Ghanaian traveler. It took some travelers, 24 hours to fly to Ghana and some had to pay $2200-$2, 500 for economy class.

North American Airlines has finally started direct flights to Ghana and the service began on July 1st. Meanwhile Akwaaba Airlines prepares its maiden flight on July 14th.

Other airlines scheduled to fly direct to Ghana from the USA also in the future are; GIA and Continental Airlines and a host of others. Very soon the Ghanaian community in the USA will be blitzed with very cheap airfares and the Ghanaian traveler will definitely have a choice as to who offers the best price, best service and always on schedule. No traveler will have to pay more than $1500 to fly to Ghana. If we pay more than that means we have been cheated as stated by a major airline operator. Our time of being used and abused has finally come to an end. We deserve better like the rest of the world.

We thank the operators of North American Airlines and Akwaaba Airlines at the moment for coming to our rescue. We can finally make plans to visit home any moment with excitement without having to think about high airfares and the long journey (transit and 6-8 hour wait)

The money we save on high airfares will be invested in our communities in Ghana. Every penny helps our economy.