Will Ghanaians Find It Hard To Forgive Former President Mahama If He Insists On Publicly Criticising His Successor In Office - Who Is Cleaning Up After Him?

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NOV 6, 2017 LISTEN
Former President Mahama

Why does former President John Dramani Mahama still not realise the wisdom in not publicly criticising his successor in office, President Akufo-Addo - and staying out of active local politics?

For his own good, former President Mahama would be wise to follow the example of President Obama's predecessor in office, President George Walker Bush - who never once criticised Obama in negative fashion publicly during his entire 8-year tenure.

As it happens, it is getting to the point where some of us are beginning to feel irritated by John Mahama's mean-spirited partisanship - a failing clearly driving him to demean himself in exhibiting such pettiness: in publicly criticising his successor in office.

With respect, it has now got to a point where some of us feel compelled to concur with those political analysts who say John Mahama is not (and never was whiles president) a deep thinker.

In their view, it is a failing that made him totally unsuited to be Ghana's leader and ended up making him a virtual captive of shallow-minded and amoral individuals such as the devious and disrespectful Stan Dogbes.

If former President John Mahama insists on getting himself embroiled in active local politics he will end up losing his dignity entirely - as sure as day follows night.

Above all, he must understand clearly that publicly criticising his successor in office makes him fair game for those who blame him for allowing Mother Ghana to be ripped off so egregiously by his regime's crony-capitalist bankrollers.

Lest John Mahama forgets, the list of sins against Ghanaians committed by businesspeople his regime favoured is a very long one - and Ghanaians will find it pretty hard to forgive him for allowing that happen to their nation: if he insists on criticising the hardworking gentleman cleaning up after him, President Akufo-Addo.

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