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Nov 4, 2017 | PNC News

Robert Dambo For PNC General Secretary...Motto: Restoration Of Hope For Election 2020

By Robert Dambo
Robert Dambo For PNC General Secretary...Motto: Restoration Of Hope For Election 2020

I am very happy to make it public that upon further consultation and consensus with the grassroots and elders of the People’s National Convention, I deem it an honor to announce my intention to contest the General Secretary position of the party.

I have gone through all the ranks and file of the party and as a result I have the requisite skills and competencies to lead the party. My experience, skills and expertise ranges from being Ashanti regional deputy youth organizer, communications team member, Deputy National treasurer and parliamentary candidate for the good people of Afigya Kwabre South which places me on the pedestal to respectively leadthe party as the chief administrator.

I pledge on FIVE STAR approach in Restoring Hope for Election 2020;

  1. Re-branding the P.N.C

The fortunes the People’s National Convention keeps dwindling and it is high time we revisit our past to access and profess solutions to arrest our shortcomings and any bottlenecks that have rendered us unattractive to the voting population. Ghanaians have been demonized into N.D.C and N.P.P but Robert Dambo is the ONLY political prophet to help debacle the chains of selfishness, mediocrity and winner takes all syndrome in the annals of our political dispensation.The P.N.C is weak and we need energetic youth who will help re-strategize and position the party in the minds of the Ghanaian youth to enable him make an informed choice at the polls.The P.N.C lack visibility and we must be seen in every household in Ghana. The’’ 3y3 kube’’ syndrome must be replicated in every household in Ghana.

  1. Proper Restructuring

The P.N.C has lost direction and focus and it is high time the structure of the party works. The re-branding is not a magic potion for success unless the structure of the party is well defined and restored.The structure of the party must reflect modern Democratic Party structures for transformation, and the only vehicle for safeguarding the party is respecting the party structures without abusing them for our selfish and parochial interests. The structures of the party must be used in raising funds and logistics that often fall in the hands of selfish few. The current structure cannot be a competitive forces against the N.P.P and the N.D.C hence our continuous rejection at the polls due to lack of funds to mobilize personnel. The strength of every political party lies in it structures and without a collaborative effort we cannot overcome the hurdles that creeping in against the strength of the party. A well- structured party provides a unified system of engagement by the chief administrator of the party.

  1. Unity of Purpose

Individual differences permeate in every organization but the differences must not override the collective and overall objectives of the organization. Arrogance, egotism and muscle flexing is one of the major factors thwarting our effort of growth as a party but building in our continuous extinction and rejection at the polls. The P.N.C needs a unifier to help overcome our differences and mend the troubling cracks going into the 2020 elections. Governance is a serious business and if we cannot organize our own people under the coconut tree, how then do we unite and lead the heterogeneous Ghanaian. It is very clear that Ghanaians are dissatisfied with the N.P.P, N.D.Cand the P.N.C is the only alternative but they would not give us the opportunity to lead and provide good governance to the people of Ghana if we do not prove we are united with purpose.

  1. Potent Communications Machinery

As a matter of urgency the P.N.C cannot go into the 2020 elections without a stronger, well-structured and a potent communications machinery or force. ‘’Marketing is the price we pay for being unremarkable’’ Eric T. Wagner. As I often say, it is without a doubt that we are the ideas oriented political party in our modern political dispensation but the ability to decode our policies is one of the factors hinging on our continuous disgrace at the polls. I am going to identify potentials, build their capacity and resource them for the task ahead. The P.N.C manifesto is an ideas hub that be written in the language of the electorate, simple and clear without ambiguity. Most of our policies that has gained national attention and international recognition includes, Youth employment, TATA/ Metro mass transport system, free education, NHIS, School feeding, establishment of National Science, technology and innovations village, establishment of growth poles to mention but a few.The P.N.C has the men but they are often not utilized due to fear of collective benefits but individual gains. I will strengthen our base if I am given the nod to lead the party.

  1. Identifying, Developing and Investing in our Strongholds

Every political party in Ghana has a strong regional support base that decides on the margin of votes and formation of government. The P.N.C must start developing and investing conscientiously the three northern regions to be our stronghold and there is nothing apolitical to this effect. The N.P.P prides itself of the Ashanti and the Eastern regions as their bank rollers in terms of votes likewise the N.D.C of the Volta and some parts of the northern regions but where isthe stronghold of the P.N.C. ,

We must go back to the basis and invest heavily in these regions. The inhabitants of the northern region alone in the Ashanti region represents a constituency and if the strategy is well carried out, the N.P.P and the N.D.C are on their political demise. The Zongo’s belong to the P.N.C and we must entice them to rally behind us to put forth our visions for this republic.

Comrades, I present my visions to you and it is my hope that with all hands on the deck we can build a better, attractive, collaborative, united and appealing People’s National Convention capable of leading the republic of Ghana in the 2020 elections. ‘’Service with Honesty’’ Together We Can.

Contact: 0548886445/ 0207400274

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