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01.11.2017 Opinion

Nia Ɔbrɛ Na Odie, Na Ɛnyɛ Nia Ɔkɔm De Nu

By Edward Adade
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First of all, I'll condemn any form of vigilantism. I'll plead with the youth to be patient with the government because these acts of lawlessness is a blot on the impeccable achievements of the Nana Addo led administration. I'll also urge our security agencies to be up and doing. Don't wait for "order from above", ACT!

Last year around this time, the heat of elections was turned up a notch. The government of the day was using all forms of tactics and there was a need to bring in reinforcement to help the then opposition party, the NPP wrestle power from them. I was one of those in-charge of mobilizing diasporans to come back home to help liberate the country from the NDC government. It wasn't easy. It took time, sacrifices and money but we did it.

We arrived in Ghana and we were deployed to the HINTERLANDS to campaing with our own money and resources, forgetting about our work, families, education, and comfortable lifestyles we had back in "abrokyire". I developed a back ache for months due to the bad roads and not long after, malaria after the mosquitoes feasted on my fresh-from America body. We came back to our various polling stations where we voted and that same day, we went back to our designated polling stations where we monitored, protected, collated, and transferred the results of that constituency to our NPP strong room all on our dime. The rest is history.

1. we are in power now, most NPP guys who we came to meet and struggled with are still unemployed, while some NDC guys, who are not even qualified to be in certain positions are still at post.

2. H.E Ayisi-Boateng in a meeting with NPP faithful assured them that when there are vacancies, they will be considered first. Then you have NDC fanatics and some media personnel who didn't believe in the then candidate Akuffo Addo asking for the head of the ambassador.

What was said by the ambassador is what has been in your head and mine for years, if that's not all we know. He spoke the truth and in an honest way judging by the targetted audience. The fact that it came out of his mouth doesn't make it false. There is an akan syaing which goes like "Nia ɔbrɛ na odie, na ɛnyɛ nia ɔkɔm de nu", which literally translates "the one who toiled for it, must enjoy it and not the one who is feeling hungry".

These guys struggled to see an alleviation in the employment sector. Now that there is vacancy, you want to employ someone else disregarding his efforts and sacrifices? Please be real and sincere to yourself, would you have agreed if that same card is dealt to you?

Yes no one is more Ghanaian than the other but "akukɔ aa ɔbɛn ne na, ha ɔwi abibɛ srɛ" which translates "the chick that stick with its mother enjoys the grasshopper's thigh (the best part)".

H.E Ayisi Boateng won't move an inch. And I will encourage him not to succumb to any pressure to resign. Go on and do the good job you are doing. God will continue to bless you saaaaaa. And those who said they should bring him back to Ghana, "abeg, cot ticket and go pack his nibiis den put am for plane inside den bring am".

Those NPP boys/girls who weren't part of the struggle to power but by grace have a position, and are now going round criticizing the ambassador better shut up else we will come for them.

Some of us still wield some political capital.
God bless our homeland Ghana.
Edward Adade
Youth Organizer
Colorado Chapter

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