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23.10.2017 Feature Article

Analyzing The   Sabu Unit And The Distorted Narrative Of Change Of The CDC

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The razzmatazz is in full swing and the politicians are undercutting each other in the last bid to decide the winner of the election, as the presidential election goes for a runoff between the ruling Unity Party and the Coalition for Democratic Change. The two sides obtained the most votes in the first round of the polls, but neither side bagged the fifty percent plus one threshold of absolute majority to attain a win. Adherents of each side are purveying that their side will win, which has engendered a convoluted whoop-de-doo on social media as well as in the print and electronic media.

The ruling Unity Party trades behind the Coalition of Democratic Change as per the conclusive result of the first round. The ruling party is faced with the daunting challenge of overturning a ten percent deficit and subsequently wooing the people to swell their number to gain a victory. Conversely, the elements of the CDC pontificates about a walk in the park as the result from eleven of the fifteen counties in the first round is a signal that the people are fixated on gambling with the governance of the state to them.

While I leave the question of who will pull the strings in the runoff for apologists of the CDC n and the UP to ignite a deafening discourse about, I intend to dig deep in the CDC and its claim to catapult to power on the back of a distorted populist rhetoric heralded by half-baked ideological degenerates and social misfits. Very tawdry as the rhetoric is, it is only but proper that I delve into the nitty-gritty of their so-called claim to liberate this country whose growth has been stuttered because of corruption and the callous refusal of mercenaries in officialdom to promote pro-poor agenda geared at reducing inequality, decimating poverty, and ameliorating the standard of living of the mass majority of our people.

Change is the lofty word that echo chambers of the Coalition for Democratic Change have premised their campaign on, which is attractive at once to those who have read not in the Ponzi scheme and see through the coliseum of absurdities purveyed by midgets that pride themselves in the stasis of fantasy. Resident in that argument is a contradiction that shattered its veracity and exposed its unreliability. After the cabal of economic gang rapists and scoundrels with such insatiable appetite to engage in primitive accumulation have unleashed themselves on the people’s resources like a pool of honeybees, they will hover between malady and paralysis as this has been their modus operandi.

Apostles of the evangelism of change are contaminated with the political issue of blood and thus need cleansing as their dastard activity in the government of the National Patriotic Party is found wanting. In fact, the clique bartered the resources of the homeland to gangsters and crooks in exchange for arms and ammunitions, to ignite the rapacious adventurism for blood diamond in Sierra Leone and other countries in the subregion, in the great raid of the twenty century akin to mercantilistic imposition of feudal lords over a wailing population.

The Hapless cabal of the debased Taylor’s cabal that despoiled the people of their resources in the great rush for material possession, which subsequently exported internecine conflicts to other countries in the subregion, because its emperor in Charles Taylor envisaged the control of a territorial stretch of land governed by the expansionist Roman Empire and Alexander the Great. Like a fake prophet marauding the street seeking to target people for victimization, the great rush for resources led this cabal to export conflict in places like Sierra Leone, Guinea, etc.

Ellen’s faction in the Coalition for Democratic Change is ubiquitous and conspicuous, playing a key role in its operation. The economic vampires that ganged rape the Liberian economy are jumping shape to the CDC to maintain the pact of privilege and their grip on power. The NOCAL wrecker in Robert A. Sirleaf and the sole architect of the mahoosive social discard in the homeland is bankrolling the campaign of the Coalition for Democratic Coalition. The wrecker of our national treasury in Amara Konneh, and the PSDI man in James F. Kollie are composite part of the “Change for Hope” dogmatism.

The CDC is saturated with the usual poster boys of Ellen in Gbezongar Findley, Togar McIntosh, complemented by national pariahs like Alex Tyler and James Binney, sandwiched by crook Cyril Allen, are the new evangelists of the “Change for hope” tomfoolery. These one want us to accept that they have undergone a Pauline conversion and are political-born-again that should be entrusted with the privilege of governing the state in a CDC-led government.

“Change for Hope” should be about a break with the past, and the roll out of radical economic transformation geared at stimulating and sustaining growth, delivering on social goods, placing meaningful dent in poverty, reorganizing the productive sector to make agriculture the new frontier of growth in the economy. Conversely, the CDC “Change for Hope” is the mere change of government as opposed to the change of personnel and the transformation of the system. It is nothing but the nadir of hypocrisy and a classic metaphor of old wine in new bottle.

About fortnight ago I busted the plan of the Coalition of Democratic Change to ignite violence if the CDC does not see its way out in the election. While the usual apologist of the Coalition were dogged in their usual staple of denial and traded insult at me to impress their mediocre bosses and justify their inclusion in a government of national parasites, vitriolic thugs, and economic hyenas, at least the masses of the people were aware of their plan and their subsequent imposition during the misrule of a Coalition government.

Populist rhetoric is what the Coalition for Democratic Change trades in, elevating the hope of the people that they will initiative instant coffee solution to solve structural issues in the state and deliver on social goods. Although their manifesto is descriptive in terms of enumerating the problems, but it lacks the depth in regards to specific policy prescriptions to deliver social goods and raise the hope of the people. From the view of thing, the talk of a CDC-led government redeeming the homeland is a lousy façade traded by people that deal in scheme, lies, and theatrics.

Similarly, Adolf Hitler rose to power on the back of populist rhetoric, but he later became a feigned dictator and started crushing opponents and purging individuals with whom he disagree. His Gestapo rounded up opponent and formed death squads to engage in the pernicious enterprise of terror and bloodletting. Thus, Germany started to exploit conflict outside of their borders.

I must say that populist rhetoric is so lofty even the nemeses of the people’s aspiration to self-determination and self-actualization hang on this bandwagon to mobilize the masses behind their selfish agenda. After those counter revolutionaries obtained power, they implement their selfish agenda at full throttle. This has been the ultimate fate of most populist movement guided by disguised right wing bigots that obtained power.

The Congress of Democratic Change, which is the largest member of the Coalition of Democratic Change, is threading the same path. It has a host of thugs named the SABU Unit which is akin to Taylor’s Anti-terrorist Unit, Hitler’s Gestapao, and Mussolini’s Black Shirt. This group is notorious for igniting violence, setting houses of targets ablaze, unleashing the rod of violence on individuals that express countervailing opinions to that of their party. For instance, in 2011, the Sabu Unit of the CDC visited petro bomb on the home of their former Secretary General in Lenn Eugene Nagbe when he crossover to the Unity Party.

Every past chairman of the Congress of Democratic Change has either suffered physical brutality or attack from the SABU unit. Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, Orishall Gould, George Solo, to name a few, were afflicted with pain or almost got pained by the dreadful SABU Unit. In fact, even cadres of the party, for example, Salinto Montgomery who disagreed with its positions on some issues was beaten by the SABU Unit and shown the exit door.

Imagine the CDC does not have the mantle of leadership to preside over the affairs of the state, it has engaged in terror on an industrial scale. When they are given power, one can only assume what will be the order of the day. Totalitarian tendency and the purging of dissenting view will be the signature activity of the SABU Unit.

For some of us that believe in the plurality of views, the guarantee of civil liberties, we live in deep fear as the marriage between the rebel-ridden NPP and the riffraff CDC is reminiscent of the dark epoch in the history of the country, especially when the henchmen of the NPFL are wheeler-dealers in the Coalition. The indication of the return to misrule is rife, as the elements of the NPP and the SABU Unit are immune to the climate of freedom and democratic pluralism.

The CDC is a loose assortment of hardened reactionary elements who are set to retort revenge and curtail the freedom of speech that is in full force under the Ellen-led government. The indication is so glaring owing to the extremity of intolerance of ranks and file of the Coalition against people that question the rationale of a CDC leadership of the state. Once you disagree with the deification of George Weah by calling his understanding to question on the issues of statecraft, negative elements of the Coalition revert to their primordial instinct of insult-pelting and brute force.

Liberians must play no blind eyes to the writings on the wall; the signs are so visible to see. It is time that we exercise a bit of caution as we go to polls on November 7. I say to you the people get the leadership they deserve. So choose you now which side to support on November 7.

Author's Statement: Alfred P. B. Kiadii is a student of the University of Liberia who studies Political Science and Public Administration. He is an ardent disciple and follower of the philosophical and Pan-Africanist ideological constructs of Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, Amilcar Cabral. He believes in the concept of revolutionary violence as espoused by Frantz Fanon. Furthermore, he is the Director of the Bureau of Information, Press, Outreach and Mobilization of the Liberia National Students Union (LINSU). He can be contacted on [email protected] or +231888995870/775349651

Alfred P. B. Kiadii
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