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16.10.2017 General News

Ghana Gas Denies Causing Atomic Junction Explosion

By CitiFMonline
Ghana Gas Denies Causing Atomic Junction Explosion
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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Gas Company, Dr. Ben Asante, is refuting allegations that high pressures from gas produced by the company caused the leakage that led to the Atomic Junction gas explosion.

Dr. Asante also disputed claims that gas from Ghana Gas is not odorized, hence cannot be detected early when there is a leakage.

Speaking to Citi Business News after a press conference, Dr. Asante explained that, Ghana Gas adheres strictly to the rules set by the Ghana Standards Authority in the production of gas to avert explosions.

“Ghana Gas LPG is made from raw gas. Its pressure is a little high. But I want to say this again, it is still within the limits of what Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has stipulated”.

“Even if you put that aside, it is incumbent on any containing or handling vessels to make sure that the design of your vessels are not just to a very narrow bound of five bar. Even in most cases, for the piping, it's got to be one and half times what you have,” he added.

Dr. Asante stated that, it is misleading for a section of the public to blame the Atomic Junction gas explosion on Ghana Gas product just because it has a pressure of 7.5.

“I don't buy it that because Ghana Gas has got a vapour pressure of 7.5, so all our hoses are being damaged. It is easier to change that hose than to say we are not going to get our own indigenous gas. This is not the only LPG on the commercial market, and you will also note that it has been used over the last two years,” he maintained.

Dr. Asante disclosed that, the gas that leaked at the Atomic Junction gas station was not a product of Ghana Gas.

“It is instructive to note that, some of the accidents that happened at the discharge facilities actually didn't have gas coming from Ghana Gas. These are low pressure gas coming from elsewhere” he stated.

The explosion at Atomic Junction in Accra killed seven persons, and left some 132 injured.

By: Lawrence Segbefia/

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