Psychoanalysis Of Artificial Intelligence                                                

Feature Article Naseem Javed
OCT 13, 2017 LISTEN
Naseem Javed

Happening near you…soon
Iriibii, the gold medalist Robot at International Robotic Olympics, stands up with a grin on face in a large square room, decorated with antiquity providing the right intellectual ambiance for a tactical discussion and Iriibii says loudly--“So what…. I can do much more. I can already translate difficult text, do basic surgery, drive vehicles, and sell clothing, visit all departments every Fridays and fire people while giving some of the key staff special hugs, my new book will explain how we will take over all the functionalities of working life leaving mankind to utter boredom and mental collapse so they may eventually invent a better world, what else you want?

In that very room the Doctor turns around sharply and yells at Iriibii

“But can you fart…?”
There was prolonged silence, followed by some clicking sounds, a few small sparks, some smoke and the additional dismantling sounds, as the smoke alarms in the outside corridors start humming, there is a strong smell of paint and molten wires and the smell of burning plastic begins to fill the room. In the thickening smoke and sound of metal disintegrating, you could hear the faint voice of Iriibii.

“I’m trying…I’m trying”

More sparks fly and the room goes completely dark.
Artificial Intelligence in any form is as dumb as a brick, period;

Deniers are allowed to scream and break down furniture.

No harm done.
Here are the facts. If mankind was smart enough to create ‘life’ it would have already filled the planet with billion of carnivore Raptors to eat up the entire human race, but it couldn’t do so. So now it has the arsenal of bombs to achieve the same results. Relax, and never worry about man-made robots; they are only dumb machines with amazing working capabilities. Like your iPhone, which is the smartest robot in your hands so far, there are going to be far too many types of ultra sophisticated robots all around you. They will be in your office, in your home, in your bedroom, possibly in your bed. However, relax; they are all programmed to achieve unbelievable tasks, and they are designed by brilliant experts, coders and programmers. But guess what? No matter what these machines do, they are still dumb machines unable to think, dream or even simply fart. Hold this thought.

An invasion to liberate: The untouchable supremacy of human race is enshrined in the mystical universal formula and super exotic manmade devices are proof of this power and reality. Never be afraid of robots. They are planning a major invasion of your offices and factories, but they are not after your jobs, they are after your “liberation”. They want all those dead-end and pre- technologies outdated and unnecessarily repeated work that occupies billions of seconds of every single day.

We are the superior and ultimate race known, a great miracle of the universe, we are designed to think and create, just when we realized we were unable to fly but we invented gigantic flying ships, when unable to lift a ton we invented machines to move mountains, now we are eliminating work; old style paperwork, basic decision making and 9-5 work models, commuting jams, water-coolers and office politics. Our future now and finally lies in far more serious advancements in most needed enlightenment than sit in cubicles pushing repeated procedures for the remains of our lives. Learn to differentiate between old fashioned and outdated class room learning and match against out of the box global age entrepreneurial thinking and styles of execution. Knowing these differences is winning half the battle. We in the near future need to be liberated in a workless world, where we can think and figure out a great meaningful, harmonious, peaceful and prosperous life across the world for all and this we must demonstrate, this we must achieve as a survival of our species.

The term “work” and “employment” needs redefinition; We need robotization to make us ‘work free’ while we need enlightenments to understand the real meaning of living and become more balanced to live ‘debt free’ ‘fear free’ and ‘hate free’ etc. What’s the use of work if our rewards are measured in destructions and hate? We need bold debates at world stage to address such challenges.

The upcoming robotization of society will unleash social and mental challenges;

Artificial Intelligence Harassment Case;
There is a hush in the courtroom
The defendant’s attorney slowly rises up, looks around the filled room and bows gently to the Judge and starts…in an imperial oratory

….Your Honor, my client is suffering very emotionally, because Speedy Gonzales, the senior hyper performance robot, referred by corporate HR, as Male of Mexican origin, and no particular denomination, grabbed the arm of my client Ms Lilly Anna Benjamin the Comptroller at the organization for the last 39 years and tried to pull her while getting so excited that it performed not only all the paper work of the entire floor required for that day but of the entire tower and for an additional next 365 days… Your Honor, my client feels this human indignation by artificial intelligence harassment and request such behavior must be harshly punished by cutting of memory and power supply to motherboard of Speedy Gonzales there by reducing all the speedy functionalities leaving it with only 1% of its capability to match that of a human.

The court audience jumps into a loud roar
“Order, order, order…I will call the bailiffs and have anyone that yells removed physically from the court room,” yelled the Judge Big Bertha, an intellectual category Judiciary expert robot, referred by Supreme Court as American Judge, Rightwing Republican robot on odd days that transforms on even days to Democrat and sometimes becomes a volunteer available on vote-recounts

The thundering court slowly melts into faint murmuring…

Primal sensuality as a pre-invasion survival strategy; It is essential to remember that you cannot fly, so you created flying ships, you cannot lift a ton, so you created machines to move mountains. Now you cannot compete with your own invented technologies. It is critical, however, that you discover your gifts; you have the mind and your primal senses and it is time to learn to use them properly.

Touch technology with pure love and affection; in the near future without food you may be able to survive but without Wi-Fi you will be basically dead. If your current work has little or no value, rediscover who you are in this new global age and embrace how technocalamity will prepare you with the entrepreneurial thinking that will slowly move you up to the top. You are the prisoner of your own mind and only you can open that mind and escape to bigger and better things.

Hear the sound of mankind; it’s already embedded within you; learn to isolate the call of the mankind amongst unnecessary noise. Adopt and accept new challenges and become an agent of change; use your brainpower to guide you and use your instincts to channel that energy.

Smell your surrounding like a naturalist; observe the mechanisms of beauty; witness the role we play in its disruptions. Nature is the mother of earth and it is time to learn to enjoy and seek out new future.

See as far as your mind will allow you to see; but always see in focus and clarity, do not just stare at the world; see it with feeling, understanding and empathy; see it as a home of humanity. Watch the dance of the planets and feel the rhythms of nature.

The taste of truth is an acquired taste; cherish it, indulge and explore it so well that you will be able to tell the difference like a sommelier. Your new crafts are hidden in the truth and you talent will grow with your new wisdom.

The Bottom-line; never ever be afraid of AI, as this technocalamity is advancing mush faster than anticipated. Almost all of the above will happen at some point in the near future. The most important thing is for you to know very quickly exactly who you are and why you are already so superior in thinking or deployment over all the technologies put together. The rest is easy.

Naseem Javed, Chairman Mentorian Worldwide, the developers of Expothon Strategy and National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism protocols and now leading a worldwide movement on how to create ‘supremacy of innovative excellence and business leadership performance’ via high speed “mass market penetration strategy implementation modules”. His latest work is getting global attention. A corporate philosopher, he also conducts special ‘CEO Executive Workshops’ and ‘Global Age Strategy Sessions’ to create more powerful marketable ‘High-Value Global Corporate Assets’. Naseem is a world recognized authority on corporate nomenclature, global and domain naming complexities, and cyber affairs, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. He is building a global network of high quality Mentorian Ambassadors