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12 October 2017 | Feature Article

The Cost Of Poor Transit System

...(How Much Money have we wasted As Nation?)

The Cost Of Poor Transit System

The challenging economy of Ghana is partly as a result of our poor transport system.

60years after independence and freedom revolution , Ghana has rather perform worse in the area of transport than the era of Nkrumah's governance.

Ghana's population has grown and the "business powerhouse" cities has been overcrowded with activities, businesses and human settlement.

Our leaders havd either failed to vision for this day or have failed to implement what were visioned for this day with respect to spatial planning and transit network.

The AYALOLO Transit System and a well designed Railway network system will surely contribute to boosting the economy by 70% in GHANA.

SINGAPORE has one of the most cost-efficient public transport networks in the world, according to a study conducted by London consulting firm Credo.

The study sought to calculate the "economic cost" of inefficient transport to the economies of 35 cities, as well as the economic benefits of investing in transport.

It derived the cost of commuting using factors such as journey time, fares, crowding levels, and ease of using the network.

The study found that in Singapore, the economic cost of transport to an individual commuter is 8.9 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita.

This rating describes the proportion of a person's time that is unproductive due to transport.

In Ghana, can u imagine the value of our time that goes unproductive per capita of GDP due to transport OR in simple terms per day of our income as business men or companies?

In Ghana our transport system are so poor that in crowded cities like Accra and Kumasi, u can averagely run business errands just once and the day comes to an end.

A transit from Madina to Accra that can ideally takes 25minutes or lesser will in all real cases takes more than an hour because of long traffic and poor road network.

Now convert these hours into economic business value of cost and you will be amazed the money we have been throwing away per day.

Let Consider;
For example, SOBOLO Distribution Company Ltd located in Lapaz makes Ghc10, 000 worth product distribution sales within 2 hours of return trip to and from Madina:

Let do the mathematics.
Assuming they open at 8am and close at 5pm, they have 9 good hours to do business. Each trip takes 2hours meaning they can effectively go for 4 trips per day and makes a total of Ghc40,000 sales that day.

Now imagine we have a good transit system that takes just an hour for a return trip from Lapaz to Madina. This will mean SOBOLO Ltd can actually transit 9 trips per day amounting a sales of GHc90,000

What is the cost of the unproductive time due to poor transit system?

Wow! This is a lot of money more than their actual daily sales of the first condition.

Consequently good transit system augment the economy, cause for more labour hands(employments) and expansion hubs for SOBOLO Ltd.

This is how hugely the Ghana economy will be impacted if we improve on the AYALOLO Bus Transit and developed more better Transit Network system to connect cities and interconnect cities & villages.

Timing Transit Stations that depart on time and arrive on time must be installed.

Citizens will be more time conscious and diligent to work.

Take away the trotros from the roads, absorb those drivers into the Transit System as conductors and Derivers. Pay them well.

Private car owners will always prefer to park their cars home and take State Transit bus or rails to work simply because it is reliable , fast , economical and safe.

Justice Offei Jr
Adjei Onanor Street, Adenta

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Justice Offei Jr. and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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