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October 12, 2017 | General News

Corruption, Indiscipline Cause Of Gas Disasters - National House Of Chiefs

Ghana I Luv FM I Saeed Ali-Yaqub
Corruption, Indiscipline Cause Of Gas Disasters - National House Of Chiefs

The National House of Chiefs is blaming corruption and indiscipline for last Saturday’s gas explosion in Accra, and other disasters that continue to devastate the nation.

It also observes disrespect for and non-enforcement of the country’s laws, put Ghanaians at risk resulting in the loss of over 250 lives in gas explosions in the last ten years.

A statement on the Atomic Junction tragedy calls for formidable policies and strict adherence to protecting life and property.

The chiefs want fuel dealers to properly train their personnel in safety standards while urging Ghanaians, to eschew greed by respecting safety guidelines at all business locations.

The statement expresses sympathy for the victims and their relatives, and also commends security, health, media and other relevant institutions for their timely response to the incident.

It was signed by the Public Relations Officer, Stephen Owusu.

Read full statement below:

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