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12 October 2017 | Opinion/Feature

Restoration Of Allowances, Needless Political Program

Kokoih John Kennedy
Restoration Of Allowances, Needless Political Program

Ever since the issue of free senior high school (shs) emerged from the dust I did not put across my opinion on the matter. I believe solely that the free shs is a laudable social intervention program which when implemented and sustain well will provide the best platform for all Ghanaian citizens, who one way or the other face the challenges to enroll their wards in the academic realm.

Despite its very best, I have a diverse opinion about the issue on the grounds that there are many people who can also afford the fees of shs hence there was no need to make it free for everyone. This social intervention program could have been auctioned out to the poor in society through effective research on the background of the various students in the basic schools to find out who and who have problems in payment of fees and apportion the social intervention program to.

The case of the matter at here is the restoration of trainee teachers' and nurses' allowance. This in its totality is a needless political intervention. The possible argument to be raised here is that these two professions are professional. Here lies the case where there are professional institutes in the country who are not enjoying same intervention but rather given the option to access the students' loan which comes with its own compounded issues.

Yet another issue on the restoration of the nurses and teachers allowance is that most of these trainees are into the field without passion but rather the allowances and hence no passion for the job. In government schools and hospitals are evident especially those in the rural areas proves how these so-called professionals perform abysmally.

In my opinion I would have preferred them been bonded and given automatic postings to fill up the gaps in the health in educational sectors and channel those funds into something needful because the country lacks the financial capability to afford these social intervention programs and in the near future will plunged the nation into HIPC if care is not taken since we will be applying for loans to fund these programs.

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