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05.10.2017 Opinion

To Tarnish Somaliland, Dubai Outsources Gulf Diplomatic Crisis

By Abdirahman M. Dirye
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According to Africa Intelligence, “the Emirate government is prepared to support the Kulmiye party’s candidate in the president election in Hargeisa. His opponent meanwhile is tiptoeing the Saudi line” said the paper. The big allegation which constitutes violation of Somaliland’s de facto sovereignty Dubai so far never denied. Opposition Wadani leader Abdirahman Abdilahi “ Iro” wants clarification from Dubai, a foreign has ill attention to meddle in the internal affairs of the Somaliland by supporting the anathema military candidate to achieve financial, diplomatic gains. “I don’t want to see Somaliland being dragged into dirty proxy war between tiny Qatar vs. “gang” of bullies and it has nothing to do with us!” “This promising country can’t be another battleground for foreign powers, we are not Somalia that has been outsourced someone else’s troubles” he concluded.

Iro of Wadani couldn’t take it “if the story becomes, it’s the end of the democratic process, and the end of Somaliland itself”. Dubai has stakes in Somaliland that is the Dubai Port World known as “the DP World” and establishing military base in Berbera seaport town very soon.

His party will respect any legitimate investment that benefits the people of Somaliland, not ponzi schemes that benefits few greedy thugs siphoning off the meager resources of the poor masses. But wont’ accept the bloody petrodollar that may instigate regional crisis and won’t let Somaliland be another global hub to be launched hatred and hostility.

Dubai together with its allies of bullies “gangs” of dozen countries against tiny Qatar accuse it of terror is like kettle calling the pot black since it meddles in the internal affairs of other countries like Somaliland “ I can discus substances with any other countries in the venue of investments on nonpartisan politics, but it’s a shameful for Dubai to accuse me of toeing on Saudi line which I has no idea what it means because Saudia and Emirates are on the same boat when it comes to Qatar isolation, in fact, I am neither on Saudi nor Dubai nor Qatar so far.” he concluded.

Somaliland awaits Dubai to refute or affirm whether to support the military candidate (financially) as there is no other way” such allegation harms the bilateral ties between the two countries of Somaliland and the UAE.

Dirye is Wadani opposition party’s Wing member for global media, [email protected]

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