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29.09.2017 General News

Is Your Favourite Radio Station Affected By The NCA Sanction?? Find Out Here

By CitiFMonline
Is Your Favourite Radio Station Affected By The NCA Sanction?? Find Out Here
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The National Communications Authority (NCA) has sanctioned 131 FM Authorisation Holders found to have committed various infractions pertaining to their authorizations to operate as contained in Section 13 of the Electronics Communications Act (2009), Act 775.

34 of the sanctioned stations had their licences revoked because their authorizations had expired and were operating illegally.

A further 13 FM Authorisation Holders have been issued with reprieves as pertains to their authorisations.

This followed the completion of a nationwide FM Spectrum Audit conducted to determine compliance of Authorisation Holders with their Authorisation conditions and to determine which FM stations were in operations or otherwise.

The FM Spectrum Audit also formed part of a wider and on‐going audit of all services regulated by the NCA, including TV and ISP services, according to a statement from the NCA.

Find below a list of the FM Authorisation Holders sanctioned

The details of the Thirty‐four (34) companies whose Authorisations have been revoked.

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9292017120611 ncasacctionlist6

9292017120612 ncasacctionlist7

9292017120613 ncasacctionlist8

9292017120613 ncasacctionlist9

9292017120614 ncasacctionlist10

9292017120615 ncasacctionlist11

9292017120616 ncasacctionlist12

9292017120617 ncasacctionlist13

9292017120617 ncasacctionlist13

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9292017120620 17

9292017120621 18

9292017120621 19

9292017120622 20

9292017120622 21

9292017120622 22

9292017120623 23

9292017120623 25

9292017120623 ncasacctionlist1


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