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23.06.2005 General News

EPA to undertake Vehicle emissions inventory

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Kumasi, June 23, GNA- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to undertake a national vehicular emission inventory to assess the extent of seriousness of the threat posed by gases and smoke that emit from exhaust pipes of vehicles and enact appropriate policies to deal with the problem.

It is being carried out under the National Climate Change Programme with sponsorship from the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) Transport Sector Support Programme. A press release made available to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi on Thursday, said the exercise that would be in three phases would take two years to complete.

It would involve the collection of relevant data such as fuel quality, vehicle numbers per type, mileage covered per year, driving patterns and actual measurement of vehicle exhaust fumes.

The Phase One is expected to take off in July with the answering of questionnaire by 50,000-60,000 drivers in Kumasi and Accra where vehicle population and traffic congestion are known to be heaviest in the country.

This would last for about 60 days to be followed by emission measurements using gas analysers and smoke detectors. The release said results obtained would, among other things, be used to develop exhaust emission standards, increase awareness on improved vehicular maintenance and reduce fumes emission through improved engine efficiency.

Besides, it would also help to promote local health conditions, develop integrated national transport sector policies and provide data for international demands.

Vehicular emissions are known to cause health problems including lung cancer, damage to the brain, kidney and nervous system, skin cancer, cataract and sore throat.

The emissions also produce greenhouse gases that cause increase in global temperature and change in rainfall patterns. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology are working with the EPA on the project. 23 June 05