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Sep 25, 2017 | Press Release

Examples of Messages for GCAP Statements and Press Releases at the occasion of the two year anniversary of the SDGS on 25 September 2017

By Abibiman Foundation

  • Given the context of obscene inequalities in today’s world, we declare that we will fight inequalities with a focus on gender inequalities and socially excluded people, including women, indigenous communities, Dalits, people living in conflict areas, children, aging people, communities affected by climate change, climate and other migrants and persons with disabilities. What is the situation of inequality in your country?
  • We will make sure that "No One Left Behind" becomes a reality. What are the left behind groups in your country? How can we include them?
  • The SDGs go far beyond the MDGs and offer the hope of a future where people live in harmony on a safe, sustainable planet. They include goals on inequalities, peace, decent work, justice and transparency while also vowing to end violence against women and children, human trafficking and dangerous climate change. What are you doing to meet these goals?
  • We need to continue to challenge the structural and root causes of inequalities and poverty. There needs to be a critical assessment of the role of the private sector, especially as businesses often exacerbate inequalities, including gender inequality, poverty and climate change.

We will hold all actors to account - including governments, private sector and international institutions, including the UN. To achieve the SDGs, policies that promote equality such as tax justice, decent work, redistributive measures, social protection and gender equality are crucial.

  • We the People will work at local, national, regional and global levels to monitor the implementation of the SDGs in order to ensure that countries achieve the goals and meet and exceed the targets for all groups. [Explain what you are doing].
  • We will work to end land, water and forest grabs as well as violations of human rights by mega-mines and other extractive sites. We seek an end to the extractives development model. We will work to transform unjust and impoverishing aspects of the global economic and financial architecture as well as the root causes of violent conflicts
  • Governments continue to relegate civil society and people’s voices to the margins. Governments have enacted restrictive legislation and intimidated activists, aid workers, journalists and the media. Campaigners have been unjustly imprisoned while mobilizing constituents for greater accountability, gender justice and climate action. We will stand up for meaningful civil society participation and support civil society organisations and activists that are harassed by their governments. We the People are connecting with millions of citizens around the world to ensure that their demands for justice are heard.

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