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21.06.2005 General News

Stress can cause sexual weakness -Dr


Ho, June 21, GNA - Stress from economic pressures and tensed lifestyle could cause sexual weakness in men, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, the Medical Director of Miracle Life Clinic in Ho has said. Dr Letsa was speaking on the topic "Excesses of food, drink and sex", at the close of Men's Week celebration of Jubilee Christian Centre in Ho. He said though stress might not affect fertility in men, it could have an effect on their ability to perform sexually.

The theme for the weeklong celebration was "The Challenges of Christian Men in the End Time". Dr Letsa explained that men, unlike women, naturally tended to keep their problems to themselves, thereby increasing their vulnerability to stress leading to over anxiety, lack of concentration and irritation.

"Women live longer because they complain about all their problems and even sometimes cry out to release all pressures but most men resort to drink and keep their problems to themselves", he said. He said other consequences of stress, apart from sexual weakness, were hypertension, diabetes, stroke and other heart related problems.

Dr Letsa urged men with stress and its related medical problems to seek immediate and regular medical advice and counselling in order to prolong their lives. He said for people to avoid arthritis (painful swollen joints) they have to abstain from over eating.

"Excessive fatty foods, carbohydrates, alcohol and smoking should also be watched to secure long lives and good health.'' Dr Letsa said. "At least 30 minutes brisk walking three times a week is recommended for good health", he added.