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14 September 2017 | Headlines

3 Vie For NPP General Secretary Position

The New Crusading Guide
3 Vie For NPP General  Secretary Position

The search for the next crop of leaders to steer the affairs of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is entering a new and more serious phase with many intriguing developments coming up.

Snippets of information gathered by the New Crusading GUIDE revealed that so far, three people: Acting General Secretary; John Boadu, former General Secretary, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie-aka Sir John and the man now thundering and rolling out as a desert storm in Ghana’s politics, Musah Superior, the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tamale.

In the coming weeks, this paper is reliably informed by people with knowledge of the three’s campaign itenary that, campaigning would be intensified, with all three subtly sending emissaries to test the pulse of the delegates, having closed-door interviews with high-ranking members to see their chances of winning.

Independent assessment of the three is where the intrigues lie.

Aside Sir John and John Boadu, Musah Superior, though a pillar in the party appears to be the latest entrant to the race and his name is causing a lot of anxiety.

As aide to then General Secretary, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, Iddrisu Musa Superior resigned and took a more centre stage when he realised his boss was not working in the interest of then candidate Akufo Addo and agenda 2016. He also fiercely took on anybody he saw was against 2016 and its candidate, then candidate Akufo Addo.

The Tamale Mayor it is who turned down a lot of other juicy positions offered him to settle on being the mayor so he could be with his people, according to party insiders, and has since not disappointed.

“He has organised perhaps the most successful clean-up exercise in the region such that Tamale is now a town to behold. In fact, the guy is doing well so I don’t see what can stop him,” five people with knowledge of the mayor’s activities told this paper.

His entrance, the paper gathered would cause a lot of stir as his name seem to be steadily catching up and moving fast as harmattan fire.

John Boadu as the Acting General Secretary, under normal circumstances as with many incumbents should have an urge over his contenders but sources say his unfriendly nature and how he is quick to brush off party members who approach him with issues he considers trivial is what would be his undoing.

“He is a fine gentleman but too quick to brush people off. Even though he has committed some blunders since becoming the Acting General Secretary those things can be overlooked if you are to measure him by how the just-ended delegates conference was organised. He did really well. You remember he didn’t scramble for position when all others were doing so but he is too dismissive and very dethatched from the people he want to vote for him,” an elderly man told this paper in the Brong Ahafo region during our scouting.

Shoot-from-the-mouth former General Secretary, now Chief Executive of the Forestry Commission is staging a comeback and already, many WhatsApp platforms have been formed, one of it being ‘Strategic Team Sir John’, to champion his course. Until his signing of entry permit for Ibrahim Mahama-linked Exton Cubic Group Limited, to enter the Nnyinhini Forest to mine Bauxite which irked many a party supporters and activists, he seem to be the favourite of the people.

Sir John as Mr Owusu Afriyie is popular referred to, admitted in a radio interview when the Bauxite mining scandal broke that “I only granted permit for forest entry and not to mine. Permission to mine is done by the Minerals Commission but as far as I am concerned, they met the necessary processes in my outfit that is how come they were given the permit. As they enter the forest, they may cut down some trees while creating roads and others so the claim that Sir John is permitting people to mine is flawed.”

His pronouncement is what many an NPP delegate consider to be an affront to the party and a betrayal to what the NPP fought for to win the 2016 elections.

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