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11 September 2017 | NPP News

Weija-Gbawe Constituency Resolves Intra-Party Differences

Jude Ofei Reporter || Hard Point Newspaper
Weija-Gbawe Constituency Resolves Intra-Party Differences

Intra-party factions in Weija-Gbawe Constituency on Saturday September 9, 2017 at a get-together held at Hill View Hotel met to mend their differences to make way for peace and tranquility to prevail to allow the constituency to have one common front to work hand in hand to deliver on all promises made to constituents.

The programme which was initiated by Mr. Ken Kwaku Duah was chaired by Mr. Yaw Amankwa, the proprietor of the famous Crown and Glory School. In speech deliver by the chairman for the get-together party, he remarked that he has nothing against any party member and that all members should bear in mind that in this democratic dispensation, it is normal for members to contest each other when positions are declared vacant.

He urged all party members to eschew acts which work to break the thin fabric of peace which exist in the party. He acknowledged the timely effort by Mr. Ken Kwaku Duah for working behind the scenes to make the reunion a success.

Mr. Samuel Ofori, famously known in the constituency as Chairman Ofori was also there to grace the event. He called on the various factions to smoke peace pipe to enable the constituency forge ahead in one accord for the progress of the constituency. He expressed his joy and satisfaction at members’ willingness to get all that had happened behind them to make peace.

The council chair, Mrs. Beatrice Agyemang Prempeh reiterated points made by speakers that spoke before her. She could not hide her joy for seeing party members who were not in talking terms shake hands with each to give way to peace.

In a mouthful speech delivered by the sitting Member of Parliament for the constituency, Hon. Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah, she thanked Mr. and Mrs. Amankwa, Chairman Samuel Ofori, Mrs. Beatrice Agyemang-Prempeh and council of members, Electoral Area Coordinators and all party members for showing up in their numbers to reconcile with each other.

She stated that she is and will always be grateful all for working tirelessly during the 2016 elections which culminated to the victory of the party at the constituency level and the party at the nationall level. She added that she does not habour anything in her heart against any member in the constituency. “I love all of you and the people I am seeing today are the very people who worked in the electioneering period" she remarked. She quizzed, “where are the happy moments and the love we shared during the electioneering period". I miss all of that she stated.

She placed emphasis on the fact that she loves every party member or constituent; I cannot hate anybody. She further stated that, she has been in the political game for a long time and she knows that people back bite each other when there is power.” I do not bear grudge against anybody she exclaimed.

She called on all party members to pardon her of anything she has done which in the view of them is wrong. She was willing to accept construct criticism which will go a long way to enable her deliver on all promises made to the good people of the constituency.

On job, she said, a lot of applications have been sent to a lot of places and soon people will be employed. She paraphrased a statement she made during the constituency annual delegates conference which in the view of a few were in bad taste.

She seized the opportunity to explain that she is burnt on delivering on all her promises to put her in a commanding lead to be given a second nod to represent the constituency in Parliament.

However, the petty quarrels, misunderstanding and conflict leading to the creation of blocs in the constituency is as a result of the lobby processes that were carried out prior to the nomination and election of the Municipal Chief Executive for the Ga South Municipal Assembly.

Both parties or factions which constituted themselves in the two major blocs castigated each other; hence the tension in the constituency until it being laid to rest on Saturday 9, 2017 during the reunion event.

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