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17.06.2005 Business & Finance

Importation Of Used LPG Cylinders Banned


The Ghana Standards Board (GSB) and the Energy Commission have banned the importation of used Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders into the country with immediate effect.

They said the ban was in accordance with the powers conferred on the Minister for Trade and Industry under Sections 12 and 13 (a) of the Export and Import Act, 1995, Act 503.

A statement issued by the two bodies yesterday explained that the action was taken because used LPG cylinders could be a source of explosion and fires in homes and other places where they were in use.

It warned that the provision would be strictly enforced at all entry points of the country.

It also advised members of the public to desist from patronising used LPG cylinders, since they posed a threat to human life and property.

In a related development, the GSB has warned people who use ultra-violet (UV) lamps in homes and public places to create a night club (disco) atmosphere to desist from the practice because it is harmful to their health.

It said results of tests conducted on samples of the lamps indicated that they emitted some amount of radiation which constituted a health hazard to users.

The statement explained that long periods of exposure to the radiation resulted in conditions such as premature aging of skin, skin cancer and damage to the eyes.

“The public is warned to desist from using these lamps for lighting purposes. The ultra-violet lamps are restricted to research laboratories and for medical purposes,” it warned.