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16.06.2005 Diaspora News

Meet Me There - Us Style In Full Effect

100degreez/Endorsed by Mr. CNN

(11th Annual Ghanaian Reunion)

Looking from the outside in, one may wonder why America's Independence Day, July 4th, appears to be far more celebrated than our own liberation date in March. Well, anyone who has been to one of these events knows that the celebration is more about celebrating our freedom from stress and work, and taking the time to enjoy the company of fellow Ghanaians. For many, especially those within the US where Ghanaians are scattered over the 50 states, these events serve as a type of family reunion. These summer gatherings are not new to the black community. Many Black Americans Families have for decades, carried on the long standing tradition of family reunions. Events where families, often scattered can unite once year. Well as we all know, when you are a Ghanaian, family extends far beyond blood lines. For those of you old enough to remember the good old days, the phrase "Meet Me There" conjures up images of the good old days at Labadi Beach.

Ghanaians in the U.S. have tried to emulate these traditions. One such event is the Annual Ghanaian reunion held in Washington, DC every July 4th weekend. Until a few years ago, it appeared that the turnout for these event was decreasing and in danger of extinction. However, some organizers are determined to keep the reunion going. This year we see events coordinated by promoters such as 100 Degreez who promise to heat up the scene. So far audiences seem to be receptive to this revitalization. For instance, last year's reunion party held at Plush Izora Nite Club in Washington, DC was jam packed. If last year's turnout were any indication, the reunion lives on.

Event organizers are upping the ante this year in efforts to attract more attendees. As not be outdone, promoters in the Washington DC area promise to make this year's reunion an event to remember with a much talked about pool party at a $4.5 million mansion rumored to surpass mansions seen on MTV's cribs or Robin Leech's LifeStyles of the Rich and Famous. Organizers are diligently promoting with an all out effort blitz and turnout for this year's events are estimated to be over 5,000. This year's participants are expected to come from as far as California, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Canada, London and other cities.

Websites such as, &, are just some of the many internet sights providing details on the activities for this year reunion.

This year, Agoo Magazine, one of Ghanaian most recognized international magazines will be there to cover the event. According to Agoo's President, Mr. Bonsu, this event is just the first of Agoo's efforts to penetrate the US market. Agoo is knocking and we know the US will welcome us with open arms.

So this July 4th weekend, tell the boss to take a hike and MEET ME THERE!