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14.06.2005 Press Review

EDITORIAL: Celebrating the Fantastic News!

Accra Mail

NPP, NDC, PNC, CPP, all hands on deck

We are going to enjoy total debt cancellation. That's not bad at all.

Not since independence have we had such a clean slate to start with.

The clean slate we started off at independence, before long started showing the clutter that would eventually lead to debt and more debt. This is a lifeline, which we must grab and hold onto tightly.

This is not a partisan issue; it is for the whole country. We must all celebrate it and at the same time hold this present generation very accountable for the resources that would be freed from the cancellation.

ADM would dare suggest that owing to this once in a lifetime offer, we must also drop ALL the bad dreams of the past and start afresh.

Let's consign to the dustbins of history all the coups, NRC, one party state, and all those painful post independence experiences, from March 1957 to June 2005 and now forge ahead with one and only one thing in mind: Development.

Let us, please, stop the finger-pointing game and seize the moment with this new opportunity to release our vast creative potentials, which all these years have lain dormant.

The NPP MUST bring along all the other political parties to help in the positive exploitation of the new opportunities that the cancellation of our debts will bring.

If we squander this rare opportunity, our generation will stand condemned for all times. Perhaps, not since President Nkrumah has a Ghanaian leader got the chance of leaving a great legacy than the present.

President Kufuor has been offered that role. The total cancellation of our debts has taken place under his watch.

That in itself is an achievement; now he MUST lead us to even greater heights