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14.06.2005 Politics

Take Heed of Protest Against DCE Nominations - MP Tells Kufuor

Ghanaian Chronicle

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Okere, Mr. Bradford Daniel Kwame Adu, has urged the President, Mr. J.A. Kufuor, to listen to the general complaints being raised by some party members about the appointments of the DCEs.

According to him, the DCEs' co-operation with the MPs and assembly members would accelerate the development of their constituencies, districts, regions and the nation as a whole.

Mr. Adu said this when he called at The Chronicle office here last week.

He said in the case of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), it was the individual MPs who went to the election to win power, using all their human resources, material resources etc. so they should not be looked at as a second fiddle but be held in high esteem.

Comparing the fourth republic to that of the first republic, the MP said those days, it was MPs who undertook development projects but now it is the DCEs, so the MP gets little money as common fund and this makes it difficult for them.

"I believe that when the DCEs are being appointed, MPs should be consulted because that will help in the smooth running of the constituencies, development projects will be initiated without creating confusion among them when we understand one another and there will be peace every where," he observed.

Mr. Adu made it clear that it should not be lost on the DCEs that it was MPs who went to the battle field to bring victory to the party now in government, therefore should be held in high esteem.

As to whether the government is performing well or not, the Okere MP gave the NPP government a 60% pass mark so far for its administration of the nation's economy.

He said the economic foundation of the nation very weak, so the NPP has to rehabilitate it before putting on the super structure which it is doing now.

Therefore, Ghanaians should exercise patience and contribute to its successful building instead of just "talking too much."

The member of the law making body noted that if the nation would implement just a fraction of all the research findings on the shelves, the country would be very different, compared to other countries.