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15.06.2005 Business & Finance

Ghanaians' Days Of High Airfares To End Soon


The days of having to pay high airfares to go home and the poor services associated with it is coming to an end slowly and hopefully we would not need to pay any high fares anymore.

During the time that Ghana Airways was grounded and many Ghanaian travelers were stranded, many major airlines decided to help and increase their fleet of flights but what many Ghanaians did not know was that their help though appreciated was rather lucrative on their part. The cost of airfares had skyrocketed. The major airlines with transit routes were charging airfares between $1800-$2300 and higher in economy class. Why should one pay $2,500 to go Ghana at an economic level? Is it a pure rip off or discrimination to the Ghanaian traveler?

Those who were desperate to go home, even though they could not afford it had to borrow money or reschedule their flight so they could get more money. At the same instant, KLM increased their fleet of aircrafts going to Ghana. British Airways also did likewise and their fares were unbelievable especially during the peak period.

The enduring wait at transit countries especially those with toddlers was not an experience to be in. Many people have expressed their disgust at lack of leg room and services to Ghanaians. Many airlines had made so much money from the Ghana Airways demise and the Ghanaian populace was at their mercy because they have to go home at all cost.

The days of being taken for granted and charged excess of amount of money for airfares are coming to an end. North America is on the scene now flying directly to Ghana and one does not have to pay more that $1, 600 at peak period. The fare goes down at off peak period. North America Airlines approached Ghana's New York community leaders to help with Ghanaian's traveling needs.

The additional good news is; GIA is putting the finishing touches to flying next month. Our prayers for direct flights and cheap airfares are finally being answered.

Some major airlines are now probably finding the strategic ways of luring Ghanaians to patronize them with North American Airlines' direct flight schedule unfolding. The time is getting closer as Ghanaians are getting tired of being taken for granted by those airlines which ripped us off with high airfares. Ghanaians must patronize the airlines which respects and understands their needs.

We deserve the excellent services and the special incentives given to other major international routes. Africans in general deserve high quality service and should never be taken for granted because of their long routes.