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Aug 29, 2017 | General News

Nuba Residents In Dire Need Of Drinking Water

Nuba Residents In Dire Need Of Drinking Water

Residents of Nuba community in the Jomoro District of the Western Region have expressed concern about the acute water shortage facing them over five months and appealed for assistance.

A visit to the community recently revealed that the residents depend largely on a pouch of water from a stream that dries up often.

People in the community, especially women and children have to walk more than half a mile to fetch dirty and stagnant water located at a farm.

A resident of the community, who only identified himself as Kwofie said; "we lack potable water and our source of water is muddy resulting in infestation of all kinds of water borne diseases. We are suffering immensely, hence our cry for help".

Speaking to Hope FM on August 28, 2017, the spokesperson for the Concerned Youth of Nuba, Joseph Maleba attributed the scarcity of water to the damaged community water treatment plant that supply water to the area.

According to Joseph Maleba, apart from the damaged water treatment plant, the community owed Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) branch in the District over Gh¢.15,000 resulting in ECG disconnecting the power supply to the plant.

He added, even if the power is restored, the damaged plant has to be repaired, "the restoration of the power and repairs will cost over Gh¢.40,000".

The spokesperson for the concerned youth, accused the Assemblyman of the area for the indebtedness to ECG.

According to him, it is the Assemblyman who is in charge of the water treatment plant.

He stated emphatically that the Assemblyman has refused to meet the chief and people of the area to account on the water treatment plant on several occasions.

Two months ago, the Concerned Youth of Nuba community in a press conference called on the Assemblyman to meet the entire community and render account on the water treatment plant but checks conducted, proved that the Assemblyman has not headed to their call.

Speaking on the water situation in the area in an interview with Hope FM's morning show dubbed; 'Morning Dew' which was hosted by Nyhiraba Gideon. The spokesperson said the situation was affecting the socio-economic lives of the people and that residents of the community were buying water from pure water companies at higher cost.

"Some residents use sachets water for cooking and bathing, he lamented.

He therefore, appealed to the authorities to come their aid.

“The water situation is negatively affecting me. Every dawn I have to hover from one area to the other in search of water. The worse part of it is that you will not get water around here no matter how hard you try". Some residents bemoaned. “We now have to depend on dug wells which is not hygienic".

Reacting to the situation, the Assemblyman of the area, Hon Francis Kennedy Yankey admitted that the water treatment plant was not working.

He also added, they owed ECG but debunked the propaganda going round on social media and other means of communication that the community owed ECG over Gh¢.15,000.

He also debunked the accusation leveled against him by the concerned youth that he has refused to meet the chief and the entire community.

The Assemblyman said he been rendering proper account on the water treatment plant on three months bases.

"Mr host I am currently at school upgrading myself and I will come to your studio early next month to clear the air properly", he assured.

Speaking to the situation, the Member of Parliament of Jomoro constituency who is the Deputy Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Hon Paul Essien expressed his displeasure over the scarcity of water at Nuba community.

Hon Paul Essien appealed to the residents to remain calm. He assured them that soon the situation would be resolved.

He further assured them that in due course, he would be in the community to see the situation.

He called on the concerned youth to submit a comprehensive report to his office in the constituency for immediate attention.

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