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13.06.2005 General News

J.H. Wades Into Hotel Kufuor Saga

The Enquirer

Senior minister JH Mensah has attacked critics of Chief John Addo Kufuor, the first son of the President over the purchase of the (controversial) hotel next to the father's private residence. He says the critics are not seeking to know the facts of the matter, but hiding behind a section of the media to indulge in mischief.

In an interview with a Ghanaian newspaper, The Enquirer, the senior minister observed that it is out of place for the media and politicians to be going round shouting corruption charges against the government without getting in touch with the principal character at the centre of the deal.

He says it is important for people who are interested in commenting on the issues to seek the facts surrounding the deal before making sweeping statements of corruption against the government.

The senior minister says he has all the facts concerning the deal and so can speak on the issue authoritatively, "with what I know about the building, the President's son has not committed any crime."

He says there is no record of abuse of state funds in the whole deal and so the noise by the opposition NDC is empty and should not be encouraged.

Chief Kufuor, a 41-year old Chartered Accountant at Price WaterHouse Coopers and his father President J.A Kufuor have been under pressure since his announcement that he owned 40 per cent shares in the hotel, which has come to be known as 'Hotel Kufuor'

The public admission of Chief Kufuor's interest in the said hotel followed some media reports, which insinuated that his father owned the magnificent story building situates next to his private residence.

Chief Kufuor has publicly said that he put together a consortium called the Airport West Hospitality to purchase the hotel at a price of $3million.

Ms Gizelle Yajzi, a former government adviser has publicly claimed that she is in possession of documents, which indicate that the president used his son as a front to purchase the hotel. She also says she was among those who negotiated the deal for the President.