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11.06.2005 Diaspora News

Wicked kind of DEPORTATION in Morocco

The Morocco government has been arresting black illegal immigrants in Morocco and when they arrest them and they just deport them to the frontier between Morocco and Algeria and they are been left to their fate on the desert including ghanaians.

These people who are left to their fate have settled around the frontier were these people have also elected president for each country and all they have been doing is to force those who are not strong by beating them with matchets and electric wires for them to contact their parents in Europe and else were to remit 400 euros before they will be set free,sometimes some of the guys do DIE and no one ask any body any question.

Why dont we do all we can to bring this to light in other for the international community to be aware and action taken on this nonsense.

I am based in France but my friends brother is undergoing this torture,

Please lets act now.