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08.06.2005 General News

Stop The Ugly Noises …Critics Of “Hotel Kufuor” Warned


Dr. Kwame Amoako Tuffuor, has responded to allegations of impropriety leveled against Chief Addo Kufuor, son of the President of Ghana, over the purchase of a hotel, warning the critics to keep mute or substantiate their allegations.

“If anyone has proof of crime or wrong doing, that person should use the court of law or CHRAJ otherwise, it is all noise! Just noise! Or is it another AFRC style of invading the confidentiality of the banks, that destroyed the economy of Ghana?”, Dr. Tuffuor quipped at a Press Conference last Tuesday.

Dr. Tuffuor continued that he and the people of Ghana would not allow anybody to stress up the country and the government, using speculations, unproven allegations and political intrigues at the expense of the ordinary people.

Dr. Tuffour said the allegations were “orchestrated noises” from people who want political power at all coast, including the destabilization of Ghana.

Dr. Tuffuor argued that the allegations leveled against Chief Kufuor and the attempts to drag the President's name into the issue are a deliberate tactic to keep the government on the defensive and answering questions all the time rather than allowing it to do its work of running the country. He said this was geared towards making the government unpopular for some politicians to play it to their advantage.

He continued that the Laws of Ghana permit the son of the President to do business in Ghana, as long as the money for the business was legitimately acquired and properly invested.

Dr. Tuffuor underscored that the sentiments of June 4 1970 were creeping back into the country. He alleged that during that era, the banks had no confidentiality from politicians, thus people were afraid of saving with the banks. Dr. Tuffuor said that era saw many business destroyed because the wealthy were branded as thieves and their assets confisticated.

“No country can develop when its citizens are subjected to daily treatments of speculations, misconceptions, character assassination, depression and an irreparable damage to peoples' long developed honor, dignity and reputation”, Dr. Tuffuor charged.

Dr. Tuffuor explained that such allegations do not auger well for the smooth running of the State since the President being human has the tendency to get stressed up. He said it was unfortunate for people to call on Chief Kufuor and President Kufuor to prove their innocence because the onus of proof lies on the accuser.

He said by common law principles, one is innocent until proven guilty. Dr. Tuffuor condemned the Natural Democratic Congress (NDC) for pointing accusing fingers at Chief Kufuor and his father and accusing them of causing financial loss to the State. He said it was hypocritical on the part of the NDC because some of its members had and are still causing financial loss to the State, in addition to countless instances of corruption.

Dr. Tuffuor mentioned an alleged loan which was given to the Ahwois which he claimed was not properly paid, allegations of the former President receiving an amount of $5m from late President Abacha of Nigeria and the release of $20 million to one Miss Cotton to the disadvantage of Ghana.

Dr. Tuffuor urged the government not to be distracted by such “diversionary tactics” but remain focus on its duty of seeking the welfare of Ghanaians, and solving the issues of hunger, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.