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09.06.2005 General News

Amoako-Tuffuor hits back at ‘Hotel Kufuor Critics’


Provide facts to back allegations or shut up!

DR. KWAME AMOAKO Tuffuor, a member of the National Council of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), says critics of the 'Hotel Kufuor' saga must either proffer credible evidence to back their allegations of impropriety in the purchase of the hotel or shut up on their empty noises.

He also reminded the NDC to bear in mind that though the NPP Government is the most tolerant in the nation's political history, its tolerance should not be seen as a weakness, neither should it be taken for granted and that the NPP government believes in true democracy and freedom of speech if it is a responsible one.

Reacting to recent attacks on President Kufuor on the Hotel Kufuor saga and the NPP government in Accra, Dr. Tuffuor was of the view that unless otherwise proven by the law, the son of the President in Ghana can do business in Ghana so long as the money is legitimately acquired and properly invested.

He said if anyone has proof of crime or wrong doing, that person must use the court of law or CHRAJ, otherwise all the allegations are just “NOISE” or another AFRC-style of invading the confidentiality of the banks, which destroyed the economy of Ghana during the Rawlings-led June 4 AFRC government of 1979.

He said suspecting someone of wrong doing does not necessarily mean the person is guilty of the wrong and that guilt has to be proven.

He asked critics to allow the government the peace and quiet to concentrate on her work for the benefit of all while investigations are ongoing.

He noted that that, no country can develop when its citizens are subjected to daily treatment of speculations, misconceptions, character assassination, depression and irreparable damage to peoples long developed honour, dignity and reputation.

He said the people must support the government they voted into power for the government to solve their problems of hunger and poverty and that the insensitivity of some politicians only drives them to fight over issues that belong elsewhere and may not be what he termed “people-centred and focused”.