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09.06.2005 Politics

Patriotic citizens advised against embarking on demonstration


Kumasi, June 9, GNA - A group which has designated itself, the Patriotic Citizens of Kumasi, have been advised not to use demonstrations as a means of drawing government attention to the alleged low level of developments in the Ashanti Region but adopt alternative channels of communicating with the government on such issues. Mr Opoku-Agyemang Prempeh, Executive Director of the Centre for Moral Education (CEMED), who gave the advice, said demonstrations have very negative repercussions and for that matter since press conferences and releases could convey the same message, it would be better to use such channels instead of demonstrations.

Mr Prempeh was briefing the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi on Thursday on the impression the planned demonstration is likely to create on the minds of residents of the Kumasi metropolis. He said even though the group may have a genuine cause and might be rising just concerns, the genuinness of their concerns could be undermined and misconstrued should they use demonstrations.

Mr Prempeh explained that such a misconception of their action could come about because of "the wrong impression in our part of the world that any demonstration, no matter how genuine, is branded anti-government." He said to stem off such threats of frequent demonstrations, it was important for government officials and ministers of state to always strive to keep faith with the electorate in respect of pledges made.

Mr Prempeh said it is a fact that not all pledges could be fulfilled but added that should the pledges be made, officials should also take the pain to regularly interact with the people to keep them abreast with trends regarding such pledges.