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12 August 2017 | Opinion/Feature

Youths Day, Practically Not Youths Day

Poseidon S Tsautsau
Youths Day, Practically Not Youths Day

My heart always smiles because a glance at the gregorian calendar shows me a lot of days specifically dedicated to different types of people in our global community, but my mind being a bit analytical it's not satisfied, rather my mind tells me that there is an element of trickery in this game of dates dedication.

In my country, Zimbabwe the International Youths Day, which was yesterday passed with the majority of the day owners-youths not knowing that it was their day.

The date has been set on the calendar to celebrate the youths in our respective communities or countries, to celebrate the achievements they have made and made by those who came before them.

The day has been designed to make the youths motivate each other towards archiving the goals of making this continent poorless, hunger-free, friendly to all its inhabitants inconsiderate of our differences that includes gender, tribe, skin colour pigment and mostly the financial differences that usually causes misunderstandings among youth's groups.

What I expect extend and what I saw are, my words might belittle the happenings. The same old people that have good lives organised dinners and lunches to celebrate the youths day. The few elite youths are chosen to attend the events leaving behind the poor youths in the popu later cities of Africa, and those who are in the naive parts of the countries not knowing even the date, probably the month.I pray that will come to an end and young people will be empowered and the next 10th of August will be a youths day for real.

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