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11 August 2017 | Headlines

How Nana Frimpong Escaped Lynching At Alajo

Adu Koranteng
Nana Frimpong ‘s Car damaged  by the mob.
Nana Frimpong ‘s Car damaged by the mob.

Details are emerging as regards the planned attack on Charles Nana Frimpong, Abuakwa Kyidomhene(Chief ) of Akyem Swedro, Speaking in an interview with Journalists, Nana Frimpong said on the day of the incident, that’s Tuesday August 8 2017 ,he took his newly married wife to the hospital for surgery and on his way back drove to a garage at Alajo to check on a car of a friend that was being repaired .

He noted that on reaching the point, a car had parked and so he parked behind the said vehicles and got down living his wife in the car to go and check on the friend’s car. Immediately he got down from the car the boys in the area began insulting him for parking at the point but he ignored them since there was no other space available to park.

According to Nana Frimpong, on his return from the garage where he inspected the car the area boys had regrouped in there large numbers and managed to drag his wife who had undergone surgery out of the car he had parked. Besides, one of the mobs had forcefully taken his car key and seized it from the wife and were openly assaulting and molesting his wife. He said he tried in several ways to calm them down but they wouldn’t listen.” So they started throwing stones at me, slapping and head butting me and my wife all over just like what happened to the Late Captain Mahama at Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region” he said.

He noted that he tried severally to escape but there was no way since the mob in their large numbers had blocked all access route and beating him mercilessly. Then he remembered that he had a pistol on him and fired a warning shot with the intention that it would disperse the large crowd that was beating him to death. Unfortunately, there was this mechanic, Richard Yaw Boadi, behind him who was working on a 207 Benz Bus and was hit by the stray bullet in the process.

Realizing that the mechanic had been hit, effort was made to pick the injured mechanic to the hospital but the mob would still not allowed. They snatched the injured mechanic and placed him in a 207 Benz Buss and came back to attack Nana Frimpong. They placed Nana Frimpong in his own car, turned it upside down and were trying to set the car ablaze.

That was when the Police intervened and rescued the injured to the hospital and rescued Nana Frimpong to the Police Station. At the Hospital, the injured was given some medical attention until his death the next day. The victim was not intentionally. It was a mistake and Nana Frimpong felt sorry upon hearing the death of his colleague.

The victim, Richard Yaw Boadi, was sent to the Greater Accra Regional (Ridge Hospital) Hospital Tuesday afternoon in critical condition after a bullet is said to have penetrated the lower side of his stomach.

He had been hospitalised since Tuesday.He passed Wednesday evening after losing a lot of blood.

quot-img-1"As we build success through imposed and intrinsic privations, let’s never overlord or neglect ourselves (families) and thus forfeit our heritage: for WE ARE ALL WE HAVE".

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