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07.06.2005 Crime & Punishment

New lawyers for Afra Airlines

Afra Airlines Ltd

Please note, Tony Lithur has been appointed to act for Afra Airlines against the Government of Ghana and their attacks on the investments and business of Afra Airlines which includes the attack by the Government of Ghana on my personal residency in Ghana.

Writs have been filed by Tony today along with an applications for injunctive relief re the revocation of Afra's ACL by the Minister for Presidential Affairs and the revocation of my residency etc by the Immigration Department. We intend to pursue this matter fully in all available jurisdictions. As you know Afra Airlines is registered with GIPC and as such is entitled to the support of GIPC as well as independant jurisdiction in a venue of our choosing (as Afra is the investor) as provided under section 29 paragraph 3 of the GIPC legislation.

We consider the actions of the various organs of the Government of Ghana, which have apparently been coordinateddirectly through the Presidency itself, to be highly improper and indicative of a high level conspiracy that uses defamation along with abuse of power to conduct this campaign against Afra Airlines Ltd, our investments and the staff which have lost their jobs as a direct result of these actions.

Comparisons with Afra's treatment and that of the Morman managed Ghana International Airlines are obvious and beg serious scrutiny. What is the Presidency trying to do by seeking to cripple our investments and acting in such a unilateral and high handed manner that sends serious alarm warnings to any would be investors in Ghana. Is the concerted attack on myself and Afra hiding a deeper agenda. Almost everybody that has talked in private with us thinks so. So what is their real agenda? Is there another Hotel Kufuor type involvement somewhere within GIA or its US shareholding company?

We sincerely hope not, however, given the degree to which the Presidency is going to try to spoil Afra Airlines business and my reputation, along with the lack of transparency surrounding GIA. But why are the taxpayers of Ghana being volunteered by Dr Anane to pay Ghana Airways 180M USD debt when 5 companies, including ours, offered to take charge of paying this debt as part of the 5 offers to takeover Ghana Airways. It leaves many questions to be really answered properly, not with sycophantic spin doctors bought and paid for by the Government.

One cannot help wondering if there is some hidden agenda concerning the strong moves by the Presidency against Afra Airlines - which is a wholly private enterprise initiative without any political ties agenda or hiden shareholdings.

Nana Asante Bediatuo and Gabby Otchere Darko are not handling this current matter, or any matters for Afra at this time. We are most grateful for their assistance.

For further info, please talk with Simone Ayele Butler, Executive Director of Afra Airlines on 0243153185 or talk with Tony Lithur directly.

Thank you, Luke Butler CEO Afra Airlines Ltd