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06.06.2005 General News

Tony Aidoo Blasts CHRAJ Over Hotel Kufuor


The collage of confusion spawned by the now infamous Hotel Kufuor scandal is refusing to rollback with a first salvo from the former deputy defense minister, Dr Tony Aidoo, alleging that Ms Anna Bossman, the Acting Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) is a friend to President Kufuor, a relative of Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, and an apologist of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The ex-deputy defense minister, obviously not amused with the CHRAJ volunteering to investigate the scandal maintained that the foregoing situation is likely to create a conflict of interest on the part of Ms Bossman in dealing with the hotel controversy.

"There is the question of conflict of interest. There is the allegation that the person who is currently acting for the CHRAJ is a very close friend of President Kufuor and also related very closely to Mr Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and is a leading member of NPP," he alleged.

Speaking on Radio Gold, Dr Aidoo stated that the Commission is hamstrung in handling the hotel scandal because it is poorly constituted. "CHRAJ as it is now, I believe, is not properly constituted. By the constitutional provision, there should be a commissioner and two deputy commissioners.

"We know that the only one deputy commissioner, who is there, is acting. So, in terms of the constitutional prescription of a proper constitution of the CHRAJ, for the purpose of conducting this exercising, CHRAJ is not properly constituted. "Having the mandate to investigate also includes exercising that mandate in a manner that is procedurally acceptable.

"The Commission is not properly constituted. A king of balance of opinion that is expected, because the framers of the Constitution in their wisdom said that there must be three commissioners, so that in the event of disarrangement, the presumption is that at least if two agree, the two may be more right than the one.