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5 August 2017 | Diaspora (USA)

Inaugural Conference Of The Concerned Nkrumaists Of North America (CNNA)

Thaddeus Ulzen
Inaugural Conference Of The Concerned Nkrumaists Of North America (CNNA)

This is the first annual conference of the CNNA, a rapidly growing group of committed, non-partisan Nkrumaists, working towards the protection of individual rights, conscientization of the citizenry of Ghana and development in the service of the masses, based on sound Nkrumaists principles of preservation of the environment and freedom from neo-colonial economic domination.

“This is a call to action for all Ghanaians who stand for the incorruptible principles that guided Nkrumah’s leadership of Ghana from 1952-1966”

The conference will be an opportunity for many “silent Nkrumaists” who have become disillusioned with the recent state of the Ghanaian socioeconomic and political situation, since the beginning of the 4th Republic, to meet and begin the long march towards true economic freedom for our beloved country.

The conference will feature a series of seminars and workshops with leadership from Nkrumaist influencers with the goal of beginning a program of national re-orientation and conscientization in Ghana.

The CNNA is an active group that has already met virtually over 100 times prior to this meeting, which is the first of future conferences in the service of Ghana.

To register for this all important conference visit and click on the “events” link or call 404-259-8095.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Dr. Kofi Roberts at 404-259-8095 or email at [email protected]

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