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Opinion | Aug 2, 2017

The DO NOT marry her/him Checklist

The DO NOT marry her/him Checklist

It’s a necessary question when you are thinking of getting married. Should I do it? And of course there is the flipside to that question: should I not?

The choice of a marriage partner is something you should never take lightly. Why? It is because the outcome of a marriage can have both temporal and eternal consequences. Some people wind up angry and bitter over marriage experiences and some have even committed to a life in a literal hell due to the fact that they never forgave an ex-partner.

As a preacher I have had the opportunity to study marriage in the same way Ghanaians love to chase degrees. I did this as a result of divine counsel. I have seen numerous people fail in marriage. Some are still married and failing at marriage, whilst others have opted for divorce to conclude the failed state of their marriages. This does not have to be you! If you are planning to get married, here is a short checklist you may want to consider before you make a certain person your life partner.

Yes, here is a short checklist to help you through the experience of selecting a mate.

Ten Reasons you shouldn’t marry her

  1. She is incompatible with God’s vision for your life;
  2. She has never experienced, understood or even accepted male headship;
  3. She is uneducated about the subject of marriage;
  4. She is uneducated about the subject of love;
  5. She is a “church girl” and reads the Bible, but does not know God;
  6. She does not understand the subject of humility;
  7. She does not like spiritual truth;
  8. She does not understand the role of a husband;
  9. Her mother tutored her in “baggage-handling” and manipulation;
  10. She does not know her divinely-given vocation calling.

Ten Reasons you shouldn’t marry him

  1. He has no divinely-given vision for his life;
  2. He is immoral and has no sense of spiritual governance;
  3. He does not like spiritual truth;
  4. He is a momma’s boy who refuses to be separated from his mother;
  5. He does not know his divinely-given vocation calling;
  6. He goes to church and reads the Bible, but does not know God;
  7. He hasn’t learned the spiritual principles of love;
  8. He hasn’t learned temperance;
  9. He has no sense of what male headship is;
  10. He has no concept of the commitment of being responsible for a household.

And there you have it! Ten solid reasons NOT to marry that person you may have allowed your heart to go after. God be with you and this time, just like you made your career a study, make marriage a study too. Remember, it’s for life!

The author is a professional designer and communications specialist. He writes on contemporary issues of faith, science, politics, economics, righteousness and reason in the church and beyond.

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