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03.06.2005 Gossips

Gabby Nketia Goes After Madame Giselle

Gabby Nketia Goes After Madame Giselle

—”Shut her up” are his orders!

He left the country two weeks ago; soon after the Madame Giselle Yazji scandal broke. And he left because Madame Giselle Yazji “fingered” him as the person who made the initial contact with her for President Kufuor.

Madame Giselle also “fingered” him as the person who drove her to the residence of Anthony Saoud for the first of the series of negotiations for the purchase of “Hotel Kufuor”. According to Madame. Yazji, he remained in the car whilst she went inside to conduct the negotiations.

His name is Gabby Nketia, President Kufuor's “Major Domo”. In other words, he conducts all of the President's most private affairs for him and does all the odd jobs that need doing outside the blaze of publicity for the President.

In the hard and harsh world of politics, every Head of State needs a Major Domo and has a 'Major Domo'. The 'Major Domo' procures girls and ladies for the President. The 'Major Domo' covers up for the President. The 'Major Domo' covers up for the President when the President has to lie. The 'Major Domo' is the President's buffer.

That is the role that Gabby Nketia plays for President Kufuor. And he has played that role ever since John Agyekum Kufuor set his eyes on the Presidency in 1992.

He is more popularly known as “Gabby Nicky Valdo”, or “Gabby”, for short, his stage name when he was the leader of the 'Avengers', a very popular musical group in the late 1960s and the early 1970s.

From the 'Avengers', Gabby branched off into business, and using the abbreviations of his name, GA (Gabby), NI (Nicky), and VA (Valdo), set up the GANIVA Battery Centre which specialised in the production and repair of car batteries.

During the period of scarcities when cal batteries, like all other commodities, were most scarce in the country, Gabby's advertisement jingle was like a soothing balm to the ear, at least to vehicle owners:

“GANIVA Battery Centre

GANIVA Battery Centre

We will sell you a Battery

We will give you a Battery

We'll repair your Battery

Come to Battery Centre

Where Batteries are

The Best

Battery Centre!”

The jingle filled the air waves and gave hope to car owners and drivers that their cars would not have to be parked for reason of lack of batteries.

This is the man who was despatched by President Kufuor two weeks ago on a private “diplomatic” mission to go and “talk to” Madame Giselle Yazji – plead with her if need be, to “shut up” on the matter of her relationship with President Kufuor.

We are informed that Gabby's remit is to promise Madame Giselle the moon to try and buy her silence, and that if that failed, he was to go emotional and remind her of the President's responsibilities to her twins as a father.

We have had broad hints of threats that could be issued if Madame Giselle should prove difficult, but these have only remained at the level of hints only.

Madame Yazji herself had hinted in one of her radio interviews of threats to her life, but said she was not afraid to die.

As she herself said in one of her recent interviews with Radio Gold, “Tell the President I will not protect him any more. He would have lost the election if I had decided to speak at that time”.