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03.06.2005 General News

President Kufuor on the war-path

Daily Dispatch

....Reshuffle Within 5 Weeks? This is not the period to be a Minister of State, with the sword of a ministerial re-shuffle hanging over them. If the medical officer was asked to take their blood pressure levels, a comparative analysis with previous levels would indicate that some of them will have usually high level.

The reason? President John Agyekum Kufuor is on the war-path and by the second week of July, there is going to be a re-shuffle of a sizeable number of the nearly 90 ministers of state. Indepth investigations within the last two weeks have revealed names and expected re-assignments.

However, we are not going to reveal them but we are, however going to reveal some of the reasons for the forthcoming reshuffle.

Credible sources at a recent meeting of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Members of Parliament (MPs), quite a number of them were very upset with the way and manner some of the newly-elected MPs were hurriedly made ministers of state. One of them told the Dispatch, "we started our life in Parliament under the then ruling government, the National Democratic Congress (NDC). When our party came to power, some of us were asked to take it easy till the second term. The second term has come to an end and look at what happened. We have been sidelined again, why? Why can't the new MPs wait for at least a year or two, before being made ministers?

Sources have also hinted that quite a couple of then newly-appointed ministers, though early in the day have been quite disappointing, as their curriculum vitae looked rich on paper but 'poor' in the individuals execution of various assignments entrusted to them. The forthcoming reshuffle is expected to move some ministers round, and a couple will be told, "thank you for your 10 weeks performance."