02.06.2005 Gossips

J.J. Prepares "Suicide Bomb"

By The Enquirer
J.J. Prepares
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The Enquirer has gathered that Ex-President Rawlings for the past two weeks has been gathering materials, and listening to tapes in preparation of an explosive speech at this years June 4 lecture which sources say will be thrown at the government like a 壮uicide bomb'.

According to he enquirer's intelligence, the Ex-President has for the past two weeks been gathering materials for his speech and has listened to a dozen of tapes and other documents.

Meanwhile, supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been calling into radio stations, urging him to stay away from any controversial statements which will take the heat on the government in respect of the Dr Anane saga and 'Hotel Kufuor controversy'.

Sources say the Ex-President may discuss issued bordering on corruption in government, the performance of the government in handling the Economy and other general issues.

The June 4, lecture is in remembrance of Ex-President Rawlings, 1979 coup which brought into power the armed Forces Revolution Council (AFRC). The 1979 coup toppled the Supreme Military Council (SMI) which was headed by Akuffo. In the past, lectures from Ex-President Rawlings' June 4 lectures has created controversies and has come to serve as opening for the Ex-President to vent out hi feelings about issues affecting the country and the performance of the current government. Other people have referred to the lectures as occasions where the President delivers what has come to be known as "boom speeches".

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