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02.06.2005 General News

CHRAJ Probes Anane

By The Enquirer
CHRAJ Probes Anane

Accra, June 1 (The Enquirer) -- The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has began independent investigations into what they call media allegations of corruption and conflict of interest' against, Roads Transport Minister Dr. Richard Anane.

The Enquirer can report that the Acting Commissioner, Anna Bossman, has already written to the Minister, asking him to first respond to certain specific allegations which borders on corruption and conflict of interest.

Similarly, the Acting Commissioner last week wrote to the Editor-In-Chief of The Enquirer, Raymond Archer, informing him that the commission will be calling on him to appear as a witness in the probe and for his cooperation. Already, Mr Archer has met with the Acting Commissioner and the commission's Chief Investigator Mr Ayamdoo, for a briefing on what would be expected of him and the Commission's procedure.

Mr Archer expressed his willingness to cooperate with the investigations, but expressed his disappointment at how certain public institutions have handled issues of important national concern. The Enquirer's Editor-In-Chief also asked questions which bordered on whether the investigations were sparked by a petition or another state institution.

Anna Bossman responded that the Commission is carrying out the investigations in line with its mandate. She assured Mr Archer that the probe will be handled in a very fair and professional manner. CHRAJ Writes To Raymond Archer On May 26, 2005, the Commission January in a letter addressed to Mr Archer and signed by Anna Bossman stated that "There have been various media allegations of corruption and conflict of interest against the Minister for Roads Transport, Honourable Dr. Richard Anane, the most strident of these have come from The Chronicle, where you worked before"? "The Chronicle dated Friday 28, 2005, report that the Minister Designate, had denied the "numerous transfers (US90,000) (he) did for the woman in the USA for her upkeep, but confessed giving her an amount of $10,000" and paying 51 million cedis for her accommodation at Esther's lodge when the woman was in Ghana.

The woman referred to here is one Alexandra, with whom (Dr Anane) has a child. She lives in the United States of America," the letter said. The letter continued that "The Chronicle edition of Monday, February 7, 2005, in which it is reported that Honourable Minister had billed both the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Roads and Transport two state institutions for expenses incurred by Ms Alexandra when he traveled to Montreal, Canada, on an official assignment.

"According to (Archer) all expenses incurred by Alexandra and his son on that trip was converted as expenditure by Dr Anane and Ghana Civil Aviation was billed," it added. The CHRAJ letter said that Mr Archer stated that Dr Anane "was not truthful to the Parliamentary Appointments Committee when (he) stated that he had always distinguished his private affairs from his public duties.