01.06.2005 Regional News

Reduce prices of veterinary drugs - Poultry Farmers

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Inchaban (W/R) June 1 GNA - Poultry farmers in the Shama Ahanta East Metropolis on Monday expressed fears that their investments would go waste if the prices of poultry inputs and drugs were not regulated. They said prices of essential drugs for the proper upkeep of the fowls keep increasing and this was affecting their investments.

Mrs Mary Ama Nkrumah, Proprietor of Ama Nkrumah Farms at Inchaban, speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said the lack of poultry drugs at veterinary shops was making it difficult to maintain poultry. She said few private veterinary shops in the Metropolis that had stocks of the drugs sold them at exorbitant prices.

Mrs Nkrumah said the apathetic attitude of Ghanaians towards local breed fowls and their preference for imported chicken was seriously affecting their businesses. Mr Armah Edjah, Proprietor of the God is Able Farms, said poultry farming was a risky business but many poultry farmers were in business to help meet the country's meat requirement. He said many Ghanaians preferred imported chicken to local ones and cautioned that the consumption of imported chicken could have serious effects on the health of the people due to its high fat content. Mr Edjah said the high cost of feeds, drugs and the low prices paid for their fowls, must be addressed 1 June 05

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