30.05.2005 Regional News

Ghanaians asked to develop the culture of punctuality

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Kasoa, May 30, GNA- Apostle Justifier Darko Korang of the Apostolic Church, Ghana, has charged those in leadership positions to help nurture commitment to punctuality to enable the country to achieve its development targets.

He said lack of punctuality was not only retarding productivity but also depriving the churches that condone the practice the maximum spiritual development of members.

Apostle Korang who is in charge of Area 'B' branch of the church, was speaking at the induction of Reverend Joseph Kweku Koranteng as the Kasoa/Nyanyano District Pastor on Sunday. The ceremony coincided with the Districts' Women Fellowship Week of the church.

Apostle Korang said because some people in authority were guilty of lateness to work they found it difficult to check their subordinates for the offence.

He charged Christians to be humble and obedient to authority and discharge their work diligently.

Apostle Korang also asked them to use their time profitably instead of idling or gossiping.

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