30.05.2005 General News

Enquiry is waste of time—Majority Leader

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Majority leader in Parliament, Felix Owusu-Agyapong, has dismissed calls for an independent investigation into the transaction for the purchase of the hotel complex behind President Kufuor's house.

Anti-corruption campaigners have called for an enquiry into the hotel saga.

The opposition NDC says it is investigating the transaction.

It has warned that if it comes up with any solid evidence, it will initiate impeachment proceedings against the president.

But the parliamentary majority leader says this is unnecessary.

“We don't have to waste time on speculative matters, the facts available is that Chief Kufuor negotiated with the support of his financiers to buy a property, why don't we allow that to be the position until something else is found. Then we want to use the taxpayers money to set up a commission of enquiry chasing wild goose, I don't think that is relevant for this country at this time,” he says.

He accused the NDC of doing similar things when it was in power when the former president was linked to a 5 million dollars bribery scandal.

“When you compare this with a newspaper allegation that the former president was given a 5 million-dollar bribe by Abacha, and we took it to the public, were we not advised that it was purely speculative by the majority NDC and the Speaker?" he asked.

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