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17 July 2017 | Feature Article

Which Doors Are You Facing

A door has many purposes. It allows and restricts access to different spaces. They protect the inside from outside interference. And at times we use them to lock bad things away. So when a door presents itself you need to understand it in order to make good use of it. Otherwise it is better to just ignore certain doors. Here are few thoughts on doors of opportunities that may come your way.

Orientation Of Opening
Knowing which direction a door opens makes a big difference and saves you time and embarrassment. Some doors open backwards and others forward. Some doors slide sideways and others go upwards. Are you opening your door the right way? Did you take time to study the orientation of the opening?

Transparent And Visible Doors
Have you even bumped into a closed glass door? One minute you think there is nothing and you discover that it’s actually a door. Many people miss it, but because you have bumped into in, you now know it exists. When you suspect that there is an invisible door, you approach it slowly and carefully with your eyes wide open ready to identify it.

Thick Door And Thin Doors
Some doors give access to valuables items. They are very thick and heavy, requiring complex mechanical and electronic combinations to open. Even if you try to force it, it will not open, but if you have the secret combination it’s very easy. If you are facing such a door better sit down, either get the combination or seek the help of experts. On the other hand some doors are thin and not strong. You can kick it open in your sleep. In these you are unlikely to find something of value inside.

Automatic Doors And Manual Doors
These are activated by your presence. They automatically open as you approach. Your effort is not required to open or close them. These rare opportunities are delivered right into your hands. But remember they are rare. Some doors have electronic mechanisms that insure controlled access. Think about the gates for entering the stadium. They allow a single person at a time. These doors are not for crowds and operate in controlled environments.

Doors Opened By Someone
You do not have to open Some doors. They are opened by someone already inside. If you are not known by someone inside, they will not open for you. In this case you have to be connected, knock on the door and it will open. Build relationships with those inside before you think of knocking.

Doorless Ways
These are basically passages with not restrictions for going in and going out. You will find every tom and dick wondering up and down. And wait a minute, what about boomed gates which restrict vehicles but allow pedestrians. Some opportunities will not open for you. They are for other people. Do not waste time on these doors, get the right vehicle first.

There Are Double Doors, Triple Doors
There are doors so wide that even a bulldozer can fit. You can never miss this door. These are the doors many people are looking for. However, the wider the door the more crowded the opportunity. There are also narrow doors, doors so narrow that you have to squash yourself in order to fit. You will wonder whether that was meant to be a door or not. Narrow doors are easy to miss and they are always full of surprises.

The Sound Of The Door
Most doors make sounds when they open and close depending on many factors, whether positive or negative. Now, the sound of a door tells you something about the door and where it leads. A garage door sliding upwards sounds different from a glass sliding door. Listen to what your door is saying.

Doors Are Made Of Different Materials
There are wooden doors, steel doors, aluminium doors, glass doors etc. There are good reasons for each choice of shape and material. It has to do with economics, safety, durability, overall building or surrounding, user friendliness etc. The type of materials used says a lot about the purpose of the door and what is inside. Look at the room you are in right now.

Spiritual Doors
This one is on another level. There are spiritual doors. Once activated by your obedience they can result in abundance and blessing. Disobedience can lead you to curses and the spiritual underworld that can shut down your life just like that. Which spiritual doors are you opening by your obedience or disobedience?

Finally Not All Doors Open To Opportunities
As you have already noticed, some doors leads to misfortunes, tragedy and calamity that you are not prepared for. You will suffer huge lose if you enter. On the other hand some doors lead to nowhere. It’s just a door that leads to a brick wall. It’s not worth the effort.

Now, what door are you facing?
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