28.05.2005 Education

Educationist reacts to leakage crisis

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Accra, May 28, GNA - A former Lecturer of the University of Ghana, has stated that examination leakages have become symptoms of a canker in the country's education system.

Dr Peter Omari, former Senior Lecturer in Sociology said in a statement to the Ghana News Agency that nobody seemed to be concerned at this malaise that had led to tarnishing the reputation of the University of Ghana, including Professors and the University Council. He said, "the involvement of the Vice-Chancellor's son would not be a determining factor in the procedure and decisions taken or the punishments and sanctions adopted."

Dr Omari said: "I do not believe that as Chief Administrative Officer of the University, the Vice-Chancellor had been invested with the powers of a dictator who can take unilateral decision and throw out students or anybody on campus without proper investigations and due process of the University's own rules and regulations in violation of its own statutes," he said.

He expressed concern about how the University Council, in its infinite wisdom has " visited the sins of the son on the father" since the Mfodwo Committee that was set up to investigate the affair did not, in its report, link the Vice Chancellor to the case.

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