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15 July 2017 | Diaspora (Germany)

TMCOG Consoles Germany On Death Of Chancellor Kelmut Kohl

Baba Yara
TMCOG Consoles Germany On Death Of Chancellor Kelmut Kohl

The President and Spiritual Leader, Sheikh Abul-Faidi Abdulai Ahmad Maikano on behave of the Council expresses his condolence to the Leaders and People of Germany.

He quoted a verse from the Holy Qur’an and stated categorically that “Every soul shall taste death”. And that the Council received the information of the death of Chancellor Kelmut Kohl with bitterness and sorrow.

He praised him by calling him “Father of German reunification” who played a leading role in ensuring the communist East and the capitalist west reunified. ‘You are really a unifier and a father for all’.

Sheik Abul- Faidi who spoke in soft voice says the world misses a man of vision and courage. He goes on to say “We have lost a great statesman and leader whose leadership is worthy of emulation. Kelmut Kohl will never be forgotten not only by the Germans but the world. It is our wish that his death will rather urge you on.

According to the Tijaniya Muslim Council of Ghana since it received the information on the fire outbreak which completely consumed the 27 stories London's Grenfell Tower, has been in a state of bitterness and sorrow. The council expresses its condolence to the bereaved family and the entire nation.

It is its wish that all those who lost their lives will rest in peace and to those in the hospital speedy recovery. Nevertheless, the Council condemned all the recent London attacks on the people irrespective of their race and religion.

The President and Spiritual leader Shiek Abul-Faidi Ahmed Abdulai Maikano on behave of the Council hope that people who are involve in such act will desist from hurting other humans with the pretext of religion or any other ideology . He added that it is their expectations that these atrocities will not discourage the British and all the people living in the UK but rather urge them on to go about their activities freely.