27.05.2005 General News

Ghana to boost waste management

27.05.2005 LISTEN

Accra, May 27, GNA - Aqua Plus, a new range of biodegradable products, was launched in Accra on Friday to improve on organic waste management and general environmental sanitation.

The products contain enzymes that can accelerate bio-chemical reactions by attacking and digesting bonds that hold organic substances together.

Dr Gheysika Agambila, Deputy Minister of Environment and Science, launched the products, which are manufactured by TEGNET International (Canada) and packaged and distributed by KAMA Industries, a local pharmaceutical Company.

He touched on the negative impact of toxic substances on the environment and its threat to life and hailed the introduction of the products "as the beginning of a revolution in our waste disposal that would bring about a great relief to... district assemblies and the hospitality industry.

"As Ghana prepares to join the global community to mark World Environment Day on June 5, I consider it appropriate to be part of this ceremony to launch the product, which I am informed, is environmentally friendly and safe."

He expressed the need for the rural and urban poor to be assisted to take proper care of the environment by adopting hygienic methods of waste disposal, including human waste.

Dr Agambilla noted that the stench at public toilets made people feel uncomfortable to use KVIPs and similar toilet facilities. He said studies had shown that people living in most polluted communities were more likely to die prematurely than those in places with clean air.

Dr Kwami Danso, Chief Executive of Ghana-Canada Company Limited, producers of AquaPlus, said the product was environmentally friendly and recommended for septic tanks, holding basins, chamber pots, KVIPs and home conservancies.

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