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13 July 2017 | Press Statement

NYMB-Ghana Congratulates Young Advocates Of Social Democracy (YASOD)

James Dabaga

The entire membership of the Network of Young Mentees of Bagbin (NYMB-Ghana) admiringlywishes to officially use this opportunity tocongratulatethe Young Advocates of Social Democracy (YASOD) for successfully organizing the launch of the Silver jubilee of career, and Diamond jubilee of life, of the distinguished and widely admired Member of Parliament for the Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency and Second Deputy Speaker of the Seventh Parliament of the Republic of Ghana, Hon. Alban S.K Bagbin.

It was such a daunting task bringing people from far and near to celebrate our mentor and marksuch a historic event in the history of democracy in the country. Difficultas it was, your determined efforts and good organizational skills leveled the odds and made it a success. It is said that a nation that do not honour its heroes is not worth dying for.

We at NYMB-Ghana thank YASOD for this initiative to celebrate Hon. Bagbin for his hard sacrifices and determined hard work in serving mother Ghana for twenty-five years. This creates the opportunity for us to celebrate our mentor and get inspired by his exemplary leadership one more time.

Hon. Bagbin, a lawyer by profession,and an astute politician,has lived a purposeful life and well deserves the great honour of celebrating his widely acclaimed tremendous contributions to fighting for the liberation and emancipation of the masses from the shackles and manacles of socio-economic injustices – inequality, poverty, ignorance, servitude and abuse of fundamental human rights and freedoms. NYMB-Ghana also acknowledges Hon. Bagbin’s active role in mentorship and promotion of quality human resource development. He spends his time and personal resources on the training, development and empowerment of human resource personnel across various professions for the betterment of mother Ghana. We know Hon. Bagbin as an anti-corruption crusader – one who has not only bemoaned the corruption canker in the system and its bleeding effects on national development but has also on several platforms proffered ways of eradicating the canker.

Under the unparalleled leadership of Hon. Bagbin, the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency has seen massive improvements in access to healthcare, portable drinking water, rural electrification, quality education, good road network, and among others. His luminous and selfless service to the people in the parliament of Ghana has uniquely created, in him and for this country, a walking library of parliamentary knowledge and experience that is always ready to share with the rest of the world. We at NYMB further wishes to use this opportunity to thank organizers of the Exclusive Men of the Year Awards, for recognizing the hard work of Hon. Bagbin with the 2017 Exclusive Man of the Year award, governance category. Congratulations, Hon. Bagbin. This adds to the numerous awards and recognitions of Hon. Bagbin. We are always proud of you, Hon. Bagbin.

As we celebrate these year-long jubilees, NYMB-Ghana pledges to support the celebration with an unalloyed enthusiasm. YASOD should not hesitate to call on us anytime they need our services. We will do anything within our abilities so that together we crown our mentor with a befitting celebration. MayGod richly bless you, YASOD!

Long Live Hon. Bagbin!
Long Live NYMB-GHANA!!
Long Live YASOD!!!
Long Live Ghana!!!!

  1. Mr. Solace Bataabanyira Farhan

General Secretary (0247468112)

  1. Dabaga Angan-mwine James

National Coordinator (0241377973)

  1. Biekpe T. Sylvestor

Public Relations Officer (020710414)

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